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  1. Congratulations! Was yours expedite? So many interview dates today! I hope we all get ours soon...
  2. I emailed the consulate asking about my own interview, which was supposed to happen in April and was cancelled. They replied saying it was “highly recommended” that I rescheduled it myself for September. A bunch of other people I know had the same reply (people who had the interviews cancelled as well). Of course it’s not guaranteed, but I assume they’re not planning to resume things before September.
  3. The ban does not affect spouses, do it shouldn’t affect CR1/IR1 interviews.
  4. There are rumors saying they might resume interviews in september. Only rumors so far.
  5. Where did you see this information? They’ve always been closed only on December 25th and January 1st.
  6. Oh my goodness! April??!! Would you mind telling us why you had 4 rejections? That’s nonsense!!
  7. Hang in there, this is almost over. Try to see the bright side: at least you have your spouse with you, while many of us don't (including myself). I'm so afraid of getting my documents rejected after long 6 weeks... I just want to be with my wife soon...
  8. Why did she have to move? Couldn't you just add him as household member?
  9. Was your partner living abroad with you and recently moved back to the us? I’ve been noticing that if the sponsor was working abroad, making foreign income, then NVC suggests getting a joint sponsor.
  10. I'm sorry. I ended up reposting a reply to another user and i couldn't delete it. I'm so sorry. I hope somebody can help you!
  11. DS260 questions are not the same for everyone (including previous employment info). They vary depending on applicant's age, gender and home country.
  12. DS260 questions (including previous employment info) vary depending on applicant's age, gender and home country.
  13. just to clarify: so we print out the i864, get the joint sponsor to sign it and take his/her documents directly to the interview? no need to upload it anywhere else? thank you so much again
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