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  1. Good morning Everybody. Can I pay 1-360 with money order? Pls how much is the fee? I want to also apply for EAD and AP for me and my daughter. Do I need to pay, we already had one but going to expire next year febuary. Note my pending Adjustment of Status might be withdrawn anytime soon?. Thanks
  2. I need help so bad. My Husband has sent message to withdraw his petition. Have not filled vawa yet. My documents are not completed.
  3. Congratulations. Have you recieved the interview notice in mail? If yes, how long did it take?
  4. Same situation here, am getting tired of the whole process. Alot of people have been rescheduled and scheduled for interview in Mephis but nothing is happening in Nashville office.
  5. Hi there, I made an enquiry last week and I got my daughter combo card today. Thanks
  6. Pls did you sent your documents to SSA office for your SSN during the lockdown? I called them few days ago, I was asked to mail all my original documents to them, I have a job but my SSN and EAD are in different name. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply, I will make enquiry about my child stuff. Pls can you help how I can reachout to USCIS
  8. Please I need some information on how to handle this. Me and my child got approved for EAD and AP febuary ,I recieved my combo card but they didnt send my child own, No combo card or SSN. Should I call them and ask question about it? Secondly, I got my SSN before I submitted my AOS, I need to get my EAD and SSN to be in same name so I called the nearest SSA office, the officer told me to mail all my original documents including my passport to them. Am a little bit skeptical about sending all my original stuff. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  9. We filed 2019 taxes first week march as a couple.
  10. To be honest with you I dont know much about the stimulus checks, I was here two days ago asking information about the stuff and today my husband gave me a check of $1200 and he told me is from government, I was suprised but we filed together as a couple early March and he filed single in 2018 so may b they got our details from 2019 taxes that we just filed last month.
  11. I got my own $1200 today and it was a great suprise.
  12. Thanks for your quick reply. One more question, I mine going to apply for it online or the payment is automatic for whosoever that file tax without working? Thanks
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