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  1. What is “typical” response time to an expedite request (directly to embassy)? I would think that if it’s for medical emergency, the response time would have to be quick. Thoughts?
  2. Wishful thinking I guess..lol 🙂 Maybe one of us will be the first.
  3. Has anyone ever received an embassy response on a weekend? Specifically waiting on an expedite request response via email. Just curious… Embassy in Santo Domingo is ours, but response came be about any. Thanks!
  4. GUESS WHO received their NOA1 yesterday in the mail?!? WE DID! I know the waiting begins now. All good - I am super positive that things will get better and hopefully surprise us with some faster approvals than we are expecting!
  5. Last night, the $535 was deducted from my account...Never been so happy to have money charged to my account. 🙂 I haven't received a text or email or anything (which I am not expecting at all yet), but it was a good feeling to see someone opened the envelope, even it was just to process my payment...LOL
  6. I received UPS confirmation of delivery...signed yesterday,. The waiting begins. I do realize it is just the beginning but I am still super excited 🙂
  7. @Greenbaum Yes, I think this is the same. I just tried and it still won't let me. Try to check "yes" for #34....then try to fill out #35. Does it work for you? I am hoping it is not just a MacBook issue 😞 Same with #43 & #44...
  8. @payxibka That is the thing..it is applicable. It's just not letting me. I even tried unchecking both, 😞
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