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  1. I’ll check it out, thanks for the info!
  2. Not sure if I’m posting in the right spot. If not, I apologize. I’m currently in Ohio trying to obtain my nursing license. The Ohio nursing board requires a CES report from CGFNS. CGFNS says their system won’t allow them to do the report since I’ve already written the NCLEX and Ohio “doesn’t require a report for licensure by reciprocity”. But I can’t apply by reciprocity, I have to apply by examination as per Ohio’s rules since I took my exam in Canada. Stupid rule really. My question is, did anyone else experience such a roadblock? And if so, how did they grant you your license? Literally stuck between a rock and a hard place as the board needs the CES report but CGFNS is saying their system can’t do it.
  3. So my husband paid the fee on April 13th, 2021. I crossed the border at peace bridge from Canada on April 20th. I got my SSN weeks ago (don't remember what day), but I'm still waiting for my physical green card. Haven't heard anything and keep checking to see if it's been mailed but no luck.
  4. So sorry you had to go through all of that! May I ask how you know when your green card was mailed out? I’ve been in America for a month and haven’t heard a word.
  5. I should’ve been more specific. I’m immigrating with no intention of returning to Canada. i called peace bridge and they confirmed i can immigrate with my visa and no Covid requirements are needed.
  6. Awesome, thank you so much
  7. Alright, I'm going to call the border just to confirm!
  8. Ah okay I see. Do they do the testing at the border or am I supposed to get it done ahead of time?
  9. See it's confusing because it says a covid test is needed to get into canada but the USA website isn't incredibly helpful. It says people are exempt from restrictions such as lawful residents of the usa, etc. So I'm wondering if immigration is still allowed.
  10. Hello! Has anyone crossed the border recently from Canada to the USA by land? Just wondering if it was smooth or not with the new lockdown in Ontario and such.
  11. Yeah that’s why I said to bring them anyways. They’re still important even though she didn’t look at them.
  12. My husband also switched jobs after DQ. My lawyer updated our I-864 with his new job. I brought his 2020 w2's as he hadn't filed 2020 taxes yet, which the lady took from me. She didn't want his recent paystubs, although I felt more comfortable bringing them. We only sent in 2018 and 2019 tax transcripts and they were fine with that.
  13. Update! A different receptionist called me to say that the package was sent to the consulate electronically last week. What I have to pick up is a copy of the results for my personal records. So the first woman I spoke to told me the wrong thing and all is actually done already!
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