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  1. I'm currently DQ and just waiting for an interview!
  2. nope! He's in america while i'm in canada, and thank you!
  3. Thank you! I'm ecstatic, I hope others get quick approvals soon too!
  4. We've been approved! Filed for I-130 PD: January 22, 2020 Date changed April 8th, May 8th, then approved today
  5. We've been approved! PD: January 22 Date changed April 8th, May 8th, then approved today
  6. It says you have until May 16th to get it, it's only May 6 today. It's a letter with your receipt number and info on it.
  7. My husband and I are splitting the cost 50/50, that's how we usually handle our money.
  8. Ah, I was getting mixed up thinking embassy's issue NOA2's, my bad. Thank you!
  9. Hey all, quick question. My husband and I filed an I-130 together. With the embassy closures, are they still issuing NOA2's to those who are waiting, or have they halted all processes? I noticed some timeline updates that people have gotten their NOA2 but the last one I see is from March 17th. I'm just wondering if I should still expect our NOA2 to come at the end of the year or if it'll be longer. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, My husband and I received a receipt number that starts with an IOE. Does this mean anything significant? Our lawyer had sent our package via snail mail in January. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot!
  11. My hubby and I finally got our receipt notice! Unfortunately, we got Nebraska, but I'm just glad we're finally on our way. Filed: January 10th Priority date: January 22
  12. No, my lawyer filed it an I didn't ask her which lock box. I was told it could take 2-3 weeks for a reply so I'm gonna follow up on Sunday if I don't hear anything.
  13. I filed mine January 10th by mail and still haven't recieved my receipt number. Makes me worry too.
  14. I am using a lawyer and it's true, people are viscous against them sometimes. I've been told to fire mine like 6 times already lol. Our lawyer is great, We can contact anyone at the firm if we have a question and they usually get back to us within a few hours.
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