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  1. Hi, Just wondering was the status online change to "Card Picked up by USPS" (After 'Card Mailed') or you knew from USPS this? Thank you!
  2. Called them, had to wait for nearly an hour! and They told me the same "you will be contacted within 30 days". Do you remember how many days it took to contact you after you called them?
  3. Hopefully you get your card finally now! I am at the same boat but didnt call them yet because I just completed my 90 days wait yesterday. Can you please advise the number and options selected so that I can try calling them.
  4. Woow amazing congrats!! My POE was on April 23rd. Got my SSN but still waiting for GC (status still payment received). I am just wondering what is Form OS155A? I did not fill such a form on POE!
  5. I did not import my car yet, so I am not sure all of this is required but will let you know once done.
  6. I would say best option is to choose the Carrier service location closest to your AirBnB and they will notify you once ready for pick up. I dont know how much you can rely on the Airbnb owner when you dont have access always to their mailbox.
  7. It's about freedom in my opinion because forcing people to stay 3 nights in a hotel and pay 2k has nothing to do or very little to do with spreading covid. Since all passengers have mandatory requirements to do a PCR test before boarding a flight and have a negative test result and another Test after 8 days while quarantining in your own home, the risk of testing positive and/or spreading the virus is very very small compared to a simple visit to a Grocery store where nobody is tested and the risk is much higher. Therefore, yes this law is very exaggerated and cruel and I agree it stops the poor from travelling and limit their freedom more than anyone else..
  8. I have a JEEP too that I am looking to import but when I try to check the VIN on https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-vehicle/recalls/search.html it says "VIN not found. Please Try again.". Does it mean it's all good because there is no recalls or the VIN is wrong? (eventhough I am sure the VIN is correct).
  9. Hi Guys, Quick question for the people who already had the experience to activate their visa at Pearson airport (Mississauga). How much time approximately does the process takes? what kind of questions asked? Any documentation required? Just trying to plan ahead before my trip. Thank you!
  10. I see, I hope I still qualify since my status will be permanent resident as soon as I activate my visa (not temporary resident like students, workers, etc). I will call once there and ask. Thank you!
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