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  1. I also got a 10 year gc instead of 2 year, just today and we've been married 5 months.. I called uscis to verify and spoke to a representative and he said there is no error on my card. But I'm still planning on filing ROC before 2 years just to make sure.
  2. Thank you for your help! 😁 We actually just had our interview earlier today and we just went with whatever we have right now. The officer only asked for my husband 2018 tax return, and then she just asked if there is anything we would like to add to the application and I just gave our utility bills. Then she just looked at our wedding and recent pictures and asked us about our love story like how we met, etc. and verifying some information on the I-485 form. We got approved right away. 😁
  3. Just almost 5 months. We got married February of this year. And yes, we do have pictures of family and friends and utility bills. Just worried about not having joint bank or insurance yet 🙁. I was hoping my ead/ssn could come first so my husband can add me but I guess its not the case for me. But ive read some got approved without it but I still worry lol.
  4. Hello, Our interview is scheduled this month and we only have a utility bill in both our names, our pictures and phone/text logs. Would that be okay? We dont have joint bank account or insurance as my husband cant add me due to no ssn yet. I applied ssn through ead but no updates yet on it being approved. My interview date got in earlier than my ead/ap.
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