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  1. Hope you get yours soon. Someone else also told me that it took them 6 months to get work permit.
  2. Thank you for the information. EAD is exactly what I am talking about. Is it possible to apply for EAD prior to applying for AOS?
  3. Greetings, Could you please let me know how long it takes to get the work authorization in the state of Virginia? Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Seems like ceac website isn't functioning well. I have been able to check the status since yesterday. Are you experiencing the same?
  5. For 7 weeks now. 1.5 months in other words.
  6. Any idea how much time it takes on average for the issuance of visa once the visa is in nonimmigrant visa category AP?
  7. I think the average time to receive back the passport in Pakistan in 6 weeks. If everything goes well, you'll get the good news in next 2 or 3 weeks.
  8. People in this forum say that it doesn't takes long once it changes to non-immigrant category. That is a good news at least.
  9. Does it says Immigrant visa application or nonimmigrant visa application when you check the status on CEAC website?
  10. Does their AP status says Nonimmigrant visa or the immigrant visa?
  11. Hi, So I had interview on 22nd July. At the end of the interview, CO kept my passport and said 'everything looks great, we need to further process a few things and if we will need more information, we will contact you.' He didn't give me any slip. Does anyone else is familiar with such scenario, where the CO doesn't gives any slip and the case is put in AP?
  12. Thanks for the answer Missileman. Seems like other people aren't in a very helping mood today.
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