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  1. I don't know much about other professions but I am a pharmacist in the UK. Whilst the K1 visa is being dealt with, I've been working towards finalising my application to sit a foreign pharmacist exam at some point in the future in the US (the first step to gaining a US pharmacist license). I was asked to submit my college and university transcripts plus a few other bits to a company called ECE for evaluation. They generated a report stating what my UK education was equivalent to in the US. If your employer does need something like this, they would tell you I suppose. But maybe ask in advance just in case because it did take me awhile to sort the evaluation out and it did cost a fair amount.
  2. Yes that's why these RFEs threw me off big time. I still haven't technically met their requirement of the judge who terminated the marriage being the one to sign, but hopefully they will be okay with another judge just signing and certifying the document. I'm grateful for the second chance to sort this though
  3. The 2nd RFE came through, it is an exact copy of the 1st one. They still ask for a signature of a judge who terminated the marriage. However I finally got through to someone at the court who was super helpful. She arranged for a judge to sign and certify the document. Would this be acceptable to submit?
  4. Thanks for your reply and I appreciate what you are saying. I am pretty certain this second RFE is connected to this decree absolute so I am seeking advice in advance. Of course when the letter comes through, we will know for sure.
  5. I just had my online tracking update for another RFE We recently responded to a RFE about my UK divorce paperwork (decree absolute). It was asking for the document to have the signature of the judge or magistrate who initially dissolved the marriage. I double checked with the court who handled my hearing and they said in England, judges never sign the decree absolute so I'm not able to provide what they are asking for. She pointed out the components of the document which make it legal and binding. I also asked for help here too and was told in the past it has helped for USCIS to receive a letter explaining this and highlighting on the document the relevant sections. I did that, returned it a few days ago and then bam... it looks like it's RFE number 2. I'm assuming they still aren't happy with this document. At this point, I'm unsure what to do. I could try get a random judge's signature on a copy of the document but it won't be the judge who dissolved the marriage which is that they asked for in the RFE- would this help? This really sucks and I really need help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you for this really helpful
  7. My fiancé got a RFE about my decree absolute not being signed by the judge at the time of the hearing which is standard for the UK. I am trying to figure out the best way of sorting this out. I've seen in the past on VJ people recommended just writing a letter yourself explaining this. Also someone here got their document 'apostilled' or something... Called up the court today and got told three things by different people: 1) go get it certified by notary public 2) fill in a D11 and ask for an order? 3) post us a copy of your decree and a letter explaining the situation and we will see what we can do So confused and feeling the pressure to get it right! Anyone got any experience with resolving this type of RFE? Thanks in advance
  8. Congrats to everyone with recent approvals On Monday 9th, the website updated to say we have been sent a RFE. How long does it generally take to receive the paperwork in the mail?
  9. I posted previously about my application. It did get returned due to issues with the credit card form . On a positive note, it was returned quick. Application found sitting in mailbox a week after originally being sent to USCIS. However we bounced back and decided to resubmit with a cashier's check. My fiancé freaked out afterwards though when he realised he accidentally signed the back of it just after FedEx took the package!!! We expected the worse. There is not much info on the forums about what happens if a check is accidentally signed on the back. One past thread I found said the package is definitely coming back so I was expecting that too and I felt a little down about it. I've decided to come back to write a post to help someone who has this issue in the future. Despite the cashier's check being signed on the back mistakenly, we received our NOA1 text msg! (form delivered on Mon 26th Aug, NOA1 Thurs 29th Aug) So relieved and so happy as August comes to a close, congratulations to everyone with NOA1s and wishing all the best to those still waiting for their NOA1.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked already but I'm a little on the anxious side. Our I-129f form was delivered by FedEx on 15th August but still not heard anything yet and the money has not been taken. I asked my fiancé if he filled out the credit card form properly and he insists he did. How long can it take for the money to be taken and NOA1 to come through? Some folks here had quite quick responses so I'm scared something has gone wrong with our stuff.
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