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  1. I'm in DC. I got the e-mail saying that the interview had been rescheduled on Aug 6th, and the interview is Sept 4th.
  2. My interview has been rescheduled for September 4th. I have not gotten the notice in the mail. I started worrying because it had been 10 days since I got the e-mail notification that the interview had been scheduled, so I placed a service request online for missing mail and they responded on the same day, telling me the date and time. No idea what happened to my letter!
  3. Yes, mine was March 19, so you should get a notification soon too!
  4. I got an SMS saying that my green card interview has been (re)scheduled! I guess I'll get the letter with the date in a few days.
  5. I have also read about the huge delays printing green cards and EADs and I'm all out of words. This came out today, some good news, furloughs are not happening for now (at least not in August). https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/news/minority/leahy-announces-that-uscis-is-postponing-furloughs-of-13000-public-servants
  6. Well, the updated estimated processing times for AOS are now 11 to 35.5 months. Not sure how it went from 30 to 35. Fun! At this point I just hope that the EAD processing times remain 4-6 mo and that I get my renewal in time so that I don't lose my job.
  7. I think most offices now have the 8.5-30 months estimate, which is scary. My interview was supposed to take place 03/19 and has not been rescheduled yet, I read that they will resume interviews in some places around 07/20. I applied to renew my EAD and received a case number that starts with IOE instead of MSC, anyone else?
  8. Mine has not been rescheduled. The status is "ready to be scheduled for an interview" again. Interview was supposed to be 03/19, a day after they closed. I'll post when it gets rescheduled.
  9. Thanks for posting this. My interview is on Thursday and you'd think they'd send an automated SMS or e-mail to those affected... maybe tomorrow. I was so excited for this process to be over, now I'm thinking I might have to renew my EAD.
  10. My interview is on Thursday 03/19 and I have not received any messages or calls. It feels surreal that it may get rescheduled after all the waiting.
  11. Received an e-mail saying that my interview has been scheduled! PD 04/15/19.
  12. I have the same PD! Hopefully our interviews will be scheduled for the end of March or beginning of April. I think I remember your nickname from the EAD expedite thread, that is bringing me quite the memories (and not the good kind!!!!!)
  13. New Card is Produced!!!! I still can't believe it Still can't relax hahah. The news came just one day after they confirmed that they received my documents and a few hours after my Congresswoman e-mailed me saying that she had submitted an inquiry on my case. I will share the specifics of what I did in case it's useful for people that are planning on expediting: I expedited my EAD on the grounds of severe financial loss to a person. I told USCIS I had a job offer and they asked for proof. I only faxed three pages: 1) Short cover letter (2 paragraphs. I did not mention being unemployed or paying bills, but focused on how great of an opportunity this is for me. It is a specialized position in the tech sector that the employer has found hard to fill. I mentioned advanced degrees and the salary and benefits, making the point that it would really be a financial loss if I was not able to take it). 2) Job offer (no starting date, just stated that I had 7 days to accept the offer). 3) USCIS e-mail. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories on this thread and for answering my questions. It meant a lot throughout this process. I feel lucky that it got approved in less than a month and wish the same to everyone on this thread. I know some people have been waiting longer which makes the process feel random. Best of luck to all. TLDR: It seems like a job offer is enough proof to expedite EAD in less than a month these days (as it should be!).
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