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  1. We got the exact same message in the email! the letter we got was just a cancellation notice and there was no more information there. It only says that they will notify us of any further action is taken on our case or if interview is rescheduled. Later our case status changed to "ready to be scheduled for an interview". I have heard that some people are getting approved without interview but since we haven't sent the medical, I don't think it will happen for us. But I think if the decide to approve a case without an interview they will ask for the medicals and other required documents to be mailed.
  2. our interview was supposed to be on the 23rd but got cancelled! it hasn't been rescheduled yet! has anyone got their interviews rescheduled?
  3. Hope so too! Ours is next Monday. They haven’t said anything about closing yet! They just asked everyone who’s sick to reschedule. Hope it doesn’t change
  4. interviews are usually 40 days after you get the interview status update. We got our status update on Feb 13 and our interview is on March 23. I’m guessing that your interview would be sometime early April and not in March.
  5. Our case status was just updated to interview scheduled! FINALLY! PD: 04/22/2019 Ready to be scheduled for an interview : 08/20/2019
  6. Not everyone gets the same status updates! Ours went from "biometrics scheduled" to "ready to be scheduled for interview" three months after we did the biometrics!
  7. Seems like they’re currently scheduling April filers so the whole process takes at least 11-12 months! We filed on April 22 so we’re hoping to hear something soon!
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