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  1. Is three years long enough? We have met twice and stayed together in his home with family in separate rooms. I slept in the room with his sister. We had an engagement. I stayed 21 days and 30 days on two occasions with a six month happy between the two. Planning another visit in a few months to stay a month. I am debating to marry or to kit marry. He thinks the fiance Visa is easier for us but I believe we better marry and do the Spouse visa. He says I can love there but the children would have to relocate and they do not want to at the moment. I am trying to make things work for all of us. He has strong ties in his country because he is an imam and runs an Islamic center. So he would prefer to live therem it is not convenient for him to leave Pakistan. His mother is a widow and he worries about leaving her as well. He is relocating because it is he best way for us both. If there had been no kids it may have been eaiser for me to relocate to Pakistan. I am Muslim and he is Muslim also.
  2. I know many people paint a pretty picture with no intent to stay married once they get here. It is not that I don't understand the definition of the word serial. It is just when you label me as a person serial marrying Pakistani people to immigrate that is not the truth. I married and had real relationships. There were gaps between the marriages as well. I know why it may look bad but I want to gather advice on how to prepare myself.
  3. That's would be easier for both of us. He has said this often. The issue is I have children. He would be happy if I moved there. We have talked about it so often. I just have to figure out how to handle the children situation.
  4. Thanks for a kinder response with facts. I know about AP both of my exes did go through this. I am prepared for that part. I just wanted to know if it is possible to obtain a K1. I tried to explain to my fiance that we need to marry instead.
  5. I have married them. Not because of the country but my own culture. It is just like marrying two people here of the same culture. None have been related. The marriages just did not work out. High risk why? Because they are Muslim? I have met my fiance twice so far and stayed two months during each stay. We have been together since 2017. I stayed in his home.
  6. Ok, thank you for the suggestions. I am sure it will not be easy. I have visited mutiple times I guess that will help some.
  7. Ok, so either way I have my work cut out for me. I understand that it may be hard but hopefully not impossible. Does marrying someone from another country also become harder in a situation as such?
  8. Do you know anyone or have you ever applied for multiple spouses from the same country? For example, you have had broken marriages and remarried and applied for the new spouse? I know I read about somebody who had this situation but I can no longer find the thread.
  9. So where is your answer on which Visa I should go for or were you just here to let me know the other poster was right?
  10. Well my first day here not expecting rude responses but encouragement would be nice. Not sarcastic statements. Her wording bothered me. She could have said you have married too often from the same location instead.
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