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  1. Congratulations to you😁 Please what Service center did you get your approval from?
  2. Congratulations to you 😁 am happy for you. What your PD?
  3. Congratulations to you.. My PD is Nov 27 and still nothing from USCIS😥
  4. Oh congratulations 😁What service center did you use? And what your PD ?
  5. Nothing yet from my side.. 223 days and still nothing😥
  6. I am just hanging in here😥Nothing new from my side, but am hopeful that very soon NOA2 we start rolling in. Thanks for checking
  7. Thank you very much for your response. This is so hard, I have to wait more than one year for a NOA2 😭 this is so difficult and all I have to do is be patience..
  8. Who else is waiting on Nebraska since November? They keep changing the month of processing and it crazy.. it been 8 months now and no new on my NOA2 😭😭 this is so sad for me.
  9. What service center is your case at? Nebraska has change their waiting time to 11 to 14months and they seem to be very slow.. Every other service center are better
  10. It all depend on your service center. Nebraska is very slow and they re 10 to 13 months for their NOA2.
  11. You can talk to the representative or check your status online.. Either way work What stage are you now?
  12. Thanks.. I was able to get the case tracker😊 but I could not succeed in searching for the case before mine.. they keep telling me to enter the start receipt number and search count (up to 500) maybe I am not doing something right that is why that message keep coming when I enter it.. can you screenshot and show me how to do it please? Thank you and I will be expecting reply
  13. Thank you for your respond. You case will be approve soon and you will be fine also.
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