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  1. Thanks, we’ll probably end up doing that. I’m planning on including a cover letter and can explain the discrepancy there.
  2. It’s difficult because we will be in multiple temporary living situations for the next 4 months (military problems). I would just use my parents address since it’s stable and I often list it as my permanent address. However, I am just wondering if there will be problems if the mailing/physical address in the i-751 doesn’t match the address of our supporting documents (lease agreement, tax returns, bank statements, etc).
  3. Hi everyone, We are preparing to send our I-751 packet. But I don’t know which address to list on our form. we’ve lived at the same address since the greencard was issued, but now we’re moving very soon. In fact we’ll be moving about 2 days after we send in our packet. All of our supporting documents (tax returns, lease agreement, bank statements, etc) show our old address. Do I enter our new or old address on the form?
  4. Thank you. In this case, do the forms need to be dated after our 90-day window begins? in other words, if we are eligible to file starting September 10, do the forms need to be dated September 10 or later? Thanks for your help!
  5. My question is in the title. I couldn't find a clear answer while searching the forum. We are nearly in the 90-day window to file our I-751 packet. However, my wife (the greencard holder) is planning to spend ~2 months in her home country because I will be away for business during that time. This overlaps when we want to mail our I-751 packet. Can I mail everything in while she is overseas? Thank you all for your help!
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