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  1. I'm wondering this too! There doesn't seem to be a way to get it outside of China.
  2. Today is a federal holiday so another day of no movement. It's almost been a year since we submitted our petition, and I feel like we'll never get out of this in-limbo situation. I try to see the positive - we've been very lucky in that my husband has visited me (Japan is in the Visa Waiver Program) in the US several times and stayed for a several weeks at a time. He works remotely so he can go back and forth. He just went back again yesterday, so I'm feeling extra down today. Each goodbye is harder. We just want to start our lives together. Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, just looking for some support. Friends and family are sympathetic but don't really understand how hard it is. I know you guys get it. Thank you for listening.
  3. If you file K-3, do you have to pay the $535 fee again? It's listed under filing fees on their website: https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f
  4. ...What do you guys think might happen if I try to visit the NSC office in person? I live about 3 hours away by car. I don't plan to do so, just wondering if I would be able to even get inside. Honestly, I just think being able to SEE the office from the outside knowing that our futures are sitting somewhere inside would be interesting. Not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?
  5. Hey, today was a nutty day at work, so I'm just now getting around to sending my email. Just wanted to let you all that I sent mine too
  6. My husband (Japanese) lived in China when he was in high school (4 years) and left when he was 17. I think he still needs to get a police certificate since he was over the age of 16 when he left. Has anyone done this successfully from outside of China? I can't find a clear way to do so from outside of China. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Can we have all of our subjects be: "USCIS: Nebraska Service Center Extreme Processing Times" ? And we're sending it to John Burnette jburnett@npr.org , right?
  8. What about Monday, May 6th from 6:00pm - 10:00pm CST? Is the weekend enough time for everyone to get their emails ready?
  9. I'm all for this! I'll get my letter ready. Should we set a date?
  10. I also got the same kind of response from my congressman (but he was talking about how he supported Trump's hostile immigration policies) and was so angry! Here's how I responded: (a little salty, but I'm not sorry) Dear Congressman Graves, If you (or a staff member, or who ever sent this automatic, impersonal reply) would have read my message, you would have seen that I emailed you about LEGAL immigration backlogs, nothing to do with illegal immigration, and definitely nothing to do with building a wall on the border. My spouse is trying to immigrate LEGALLY and is facing an unwarranted backlog and extreme processing times at the Nebraska Service Center. I firmly believe in rule of law, so that is why we are doing this legally. The LEGAL immigration system is broken that honestly no wonder why people are trying to completely circumvent it and come in illegally. I disagree with doing this, but just possibly if we fix legal immigration, it could have an effect on decreasing illegal immigration as well. I would appreciate if you would have actually read my concerns and address them personally. You were elected to represent me, and I, and hundreds of other Americans whose spouses are also going through the same hellish experience all over the country, need your help to make the legal immigration system better. Respectfully,
  11. Hi all. PD Nov. 9. Every time I see my VJ TImeline get moved back, my heart sinks a little more. I contacted my senators, representatives, and NPR today.
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