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  1. USCIS updated their processing time, looks like things are moving quicker in Nebraska:
  2. Thank you both for your help - much appreciated! Have a great 4th of July weekend
  3. Ok that answers my question, thanks! Any idea where I can see this in writing? I'm on the relevant embassy website here, but can't find anything.
  4. That's correct - similar to how I'm a US citizen but I'm not a resident of the US. It's the same within the US as well - when you move states it takes time to establish residency. So that's the essence of my question - if we are non-resident citizens, but are living in Israel at the time - would we still be able to interview at the US embassy in Israel?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! Can you please clarify the following: 1) It is currently at USCIS. If I understand correctly I will have the opportunity to select the embassy at the NVC stage? 2) You must be legally resident in a country in order to interview at a US embassy or consulate for an immigrant visa. It takes time to establish residency (~6 months). If we get to the interview stage before that time, is it enough that we are both Israeli citizens? If not, our residency is in Ireland, but we wouldn't be living there at the time we schedule the interview - would we be able to fly back to Ireland for the interview? It's a bit of a mess because we would be de facto non-residents of both states.
  6. Hi everyone, My wife and I currently reside in Ireland - we submitted an online I-130 from here in late March 2020. Given the situation, we are considering moving to her home country, Israel, in the meantime. I have a few questions: 1) Will this affect the time it takes to adjudicate our petition? 2) When we change our physical/mailing address to one in Israel does that automatically update the interview location to Israel? 3) If the answer to the question above is 'yes', would we have to establish residency in Israel in order to attend the interview? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated - I'm concerned that moving with a pending application can prolong the process. Thanks!
  7. But mostly for the sake of our applications 😂 It's out of our control - it is what it is, and all we can do is hope for the best. For now, good luck to everyone and stay safe!
  8. It also seems related to the new online filing process, but that's just speculation on my end.
  9. I logged into my account yesterday and noticed an updated date to April 29th, 2020. Anyone else see something similar? From other posts on the forum it's supposed to be a good sign, but who really knows?
  10. Yep - that's exactly what it says. By the way, it also says that if filing from abroad you don't need to submit passport photos - at least not yet. Also, why would you write your name on the back of such photo if submitting online where you drag and drop the photo into the relevant file upload? It makes sense to write your name on a physical passport photo because that has the potential of getting misplaced, but not with an electronically submitted petition.
  11. Yes - this is what the USCIS Tier 2 Officer I spoke to confirmed as well.
  12. Filing online was super easy - no documents can get lost in the process and you get the NOA1 immediately.
  13. Once you fill out the entirety of the application it will take you to a page where you upload all of the relevant evidence. Good luck!
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