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  1. So there is no certain amount of time they have to stay married within the us in order for her to stay? I‘m just trying to help.
  2. So even tho he brought her here, if he wants to get divorced, she has to go back?
  3. I am not asking for myself! Just for someone that isn‘t on this page. my friend (german) and her husband got married about 5 years ago. They arrived in the US not that long ago. Now.. with the life getting more difficult here i guess. He decided he wants to be on his own. Now, she gave up everything and has nothing to go back to. She has a job here and tries to make a living. What is the law? Does anybody know? She has a 10 year residence permit. if he really wants to get divorced, what consequence is there for him since he is the sponsor and is she forced to go back to Germany? Thanks y‘all!
  4. So, arrived 4 weeks ago and i downloaded the uscis app.. nothing seemed to change.. after 2 weeks i moved and changed my adress on the uscis page and not even a week later i had it.. if i had not changed my adress , i would probably still be waiting.. even tho the guy on the airport told me they had my adress and they should since it was in the paperwork.
  5. Hey, yeah same thing.. i came on a Cr1 .. and i checked it on the DS-260
  6. Hello everyone, i finally received my permanent resident card.. now.. i still didn‘t get my Ssn number.. i did apply for one tho ☝🏼 should i just go to the ssn office and ask for it? Does the ssn card usually come before the „green card“? anybody know?
  7. I was able to access the hp from the school! I was reading the reviews and i won‘t send him there. it is hard to get general info online since i can not access many websites from the us
  8. Okay i guess there is no actual law that says after arrival he has to go to a school the very next day or something? Thank you for the effort !!
  9. Gosh i‘m so bad with stuff like that 🤭 we are leaving here soon.. i was just trying to figure out if there is a certain time i can legally let him stay out of school before i get in trouble. Like here in germany.. you have to send your child to school right away like the first day.. if you don‘t the cops would come to pick up the child and take it to school
  10. I didn‘t ask my sister in Law.. she knows nothing about children and i really want to do this myself. My husband is not my sons father and i am the one that is responsible for his future as his mother. So i‘m trying to do and decide that on my own 😊
  11. I saw that most of them are religious . I‘ve been looking through it for a but now. There‘s just not that much i can do from my country because most pages won‘t let me access from here 😭
  12. Thank you for your answer, can you tell me where i‘d have to go to talk to someone in general for home schooling and extended vacation?
  13. Hello everyone, i‘m about to move to the US with my 10 year old son. So, we are going to be at my sister in laws house because this is my husbands Adress right now. My sister in law has no children, to her it didn‘t matter where the house is. I was trying to get information about the elementary school in the area, and i must say, it is a really bad school. I refuse to send my child to this school. He‘ll have a „hard enough“ time coming from a different country. my question is, what is the school system like. How much time do i technically have after arrival to register him in a school. Because my husband and i want to look for a house in different school district. I don‘t wanna arrive, send him to this horrible school, move to a different area and have him change schools again. Please stay away from comments like „you should have thought about this“ yadda yadda.That doesn‘t answer my question and won‘t help me. it is impossible for me to get information about areas and schools/school system when i‘m at the other side of the world thank you
  14. It‘s just so unbelievable 😂 here you don‘t even get an apartment without the paper that shows you deregistred at your old adress..
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