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  1. You just receive Interview letter. You have to schedule your own biometric appointment to nearest location via information provided in your interview letter email. Same for medical. You have to schedule your own medical appointment before interview. READ your interview letter email thoroughly. All information and links are in that email.
  2. If case is DQ already than wait till you get Interview letter. Once you have interview date than upload documents to CEAC.
  3. Not able to join with this link! My user id is : Jay P
  4. Best time to view message is around 2 am CST. I always able to read at that time on Google Chrome browser.
  5. Once NVC schedules interview with embassy, they will send you an email with interview letter - date & time of interview. NVC will also send you furthur instructions. You need interview letter in order to schedule medical exam. Usually Hospital/clinic will give you medical exam appointment 10 days prior to interview at embassy.
  6. Submit as many as documents you can submit in order to get approval fast and easy. I am self-employed. I submitted 3 different 1099 I get from different employers. NVC require 1099 and/or W-2 for most recent year(2019).
  7. You probably haven't submitted Affidavit of Support or Financial Documents or Civilian Documents. And just submitted DS-260. That's why they are letting you know that they won't review DS-260 util all required documents are submitted. Best time to view message is around 2 am CST. I always able to read at that time on Google Chrome browser.
  8. Scans MUST be in color. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-8-scan-collected-documents.html
  9. How you were able to click on submit documents without uploading Police Clearance Certificate? I uploaded everything except police clearance certificate(for India) but 'Submit Documents' option is not active to click on! On mine, Police clearance shows under required documents.
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