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  1. Thank you . When we called they wouldn’t answer our question
  2. We have our interview in a few days for the k1 visa in Dublin Ireland and can’t figure out what this means on the directions. “Receipt of the fee payment for the fiancé payment” we have the receipt for the courier to send back to Visa and we have the receipt for paying for the appointment. But does anyone know what the receipt of the fee payment for fiancé payment is ? I attach the photo
  3. Thank you so much! Yes we paid the fee and have a date in January . Should we click option one ?
  4. @Loo1 sorry could you help us again! We got this today is that package four ? Do you have to confirm it back on the ais website ? Sorry we just don’t want to mess up anything
  5. No in Dublin they tell you the date ! So nervous !!!
  6. Hi ! We sent in our notice of readiness in Dublin Ireland last week for the K1 visa interview. We haven’t hear back yet about a date ! I m getting super neavous bc our NO2 expires on January 18!!!!!!! Does anyone know if it gets close how to extend the date ? I am hoping we get a interview date before then . But just in case would like to know how to extend it !! Or should I email the embassy again reminding them of the date ??????? Thank you In advance !!!!
  7. Thank you So much just sent our notice of readiness last week and just really want a date !
  8. Hi everyone ! Just wondering if any Irish memeber on here and how long did you have to wait to get an interview date for the K1 visa after sending in your notice of readiness ? thank you in advance !
  9. Does anyone know . I want to look at available earlier appointment but to do that I have to fill in our schedule appointment appointment date and time I am worried it’ll cancel our appointment if I enter it in info below . Does anyone know if it will
  10. Thank you so so so much everyone we will try !!
  11. First thank you so much to everyone on the site you all have been a life saver. We have an interview date in Dublin Ireland on Jan 7 for the k1 visa we called to be put on a waiting list for an earlier date but the embassy said they don’t call anyone anymore about canceling appt anymore . Does anyone know what we should do to be put on a list to get an earlier date? When we go onto the website it doesn’t let us have a choice of any dates .t hank you so much
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