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  1. hello guys.. i have got my medical done from max Delhi, and vaccination also.. now the ds 3025 ( vaccination form ) is been filled differently by different doctors.. some mark a reason for each vaccine mentioned , some left blank ,, some do write , in summary/remarks on second page , requesting for a blanket waiver.. in my form the doctor has left blank the first 3 vaccine and also haven't written anything in the summary section.i asked the doctor and he said its complete. i did a lot of research on this and found some people have received RFE after filing AOS with that kinda Ds3025.. i request all of you ,if you guys can tell about how your form was completed and what all was written on summary section and marked on it , so that i can go and tell the max authorities how they just fill forms so causally and incomplete.
  2. they do both , physical as well as electronic..the website gets updated on basis of electronic transfer i guess
  3. since yours is in transit ,, it will reach embassy in 2-3 days..so you are good to fill ds 160..and book appointments.. ds 160 is the visa form ,, correct... NO , you dont have to fill ds 260..you read it wrong,, please read again.. its not for medical clearance...its a visa form for immigration visas..
  4. check again today ,,they do ship on Tuesday and Wednesday too..hope you make it
  5. hey again...so all this information is about immigration visa..k1 is not processed in the same way...you have got your case number ,, congrats for that...you dont have to contact the NVC now..no agent , nothing... just keep checking your case status at the ceac website...when it will say in transit ,it means it will be moving to the embassy... after that the embassy will send you an email , asking you to fill ds 160 and schedule the appointment for interview and get your medicals done...if you wana speed up the process , then you can send an email to embassy and ask them to send you the email for further process..( do that after your case moves from NVC to embassy) ..feel free to ask any other doubts you have... goodluck ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. you haven't updated anything ๐Ÿค” congratulations.. goodluck
  7. hey... i understand that..so it varies a little bit..its not in proper sequence as per dates..there was a huge difference for getting noa2 also for people from the same date of filing..but at NVC the difference is reduced to few days only..so i am quite sure you will get by Monday. also did they received your case? if they have received the case , then try calling everyday... anyday you would be getting the case number.. i am sorry but i dont think you would be able to make it to that shipping bcz case number received till Wednesday will be shipped on 1 oct..case numbers received later then that would be on 15 oct..let me know if i can help you with anything else
  8. yes .. its normal...call after 2-3 days and you would get your case number...you can fill the ds 160 ...and once you get the case number , you can pay your fee and book appointments...after that you can book medicals
  9. @Art25 @Nephie @UAreWhatuBecame , hey guys , anyone called today morning?
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