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  1. Here is one more chance what might have happened ; I was tracking my card too on USPS . At 4.30 it was showing delivered I can see the postman walking in my driveway but card wasn't in my mailbox; I got panicked and i stopped him and asked about the card he said he scanned it but he doesn't know where is it... bcoz it comes in priority mail packet he couldn't drop in my mailbox. He searched whole neighborhood and suddenly I remembered that we have two doors( entrance)and I went to check and the card was there. What a relief ( I was picturing myself chasing USICS) so check your other neighbors and another door if you have it. And also do what other are saying contacting usps..
  2. Congratulations, what proof had you submitted with AOS filing and what proofs did you take to the interview?
  3. Is it okay to have SSN with restriction "valid for work only with DHS authorization"? Or should we change at certain point?TIA
  4. Ok at least it got fixed..idk how its going to help in getting SSN. I checked my i-94; it doesn't have middle name option . Just a first name and last name.. I'm going to reapply again ( I just dont want to get another surprise 🙂)
  5. I'm familiar with this situation, difference is USICS didn't verify my details before I-94 expiry ( that's what they said). Sometimes middle names aren't mentioned on the i-94( check your s-55 form if you have written your middle name) Now option left for you is do as suggested by other person in this forum ( wait until you get gc/ ead to apply , 2nd for tax; ITIN)
  6. Get the complited 3025 ( vaccination records), you can send that vaccination records to the USICS along with AOS papers.. As vaccination is not mandatory for k1 visa but the AOS.
  7. Yes, it is an actual card.... you should receive the card within 5 days after the approval letters..
  8. 1) you can change that after getting your GC ( you have to go to SSA with an appointment) number will remain same.. 2) some are using the same without any problem.
  9. Hope you get your card soon. Had you submitted proof of relationship at the time of AOS filing? If yes what were those? TIA
  10. Congratulations, what documents ( proof of relationship) have you submitted at the time of AOS filing?TIA
  11. This is my reply too. As per USICS if your medical is not done before October 1st, you need covid vaccine even before going to the medical tests. So you should be good..good luck for your interview.
  12. Hope you will get good updates on your case.. what proof of relationship have you submitted at e time of AOS application?
  13. Yes..it can vary from weeks to months. What's your field and processing center?
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