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  1. Ours still shows at NVC. It makes sense that they'd ship out by country so maybe they haven't gotten to Korean yet. Hoping to see it update soon ๐Ÿคž
  2. I just called them today and got my case number. They required 3 things to confirm my identity. USCIS receipt number Beneficiary's name and birth date My name If I were you I'd try again. When I called I chose option 7 (so if you tried something else maybe try 7 instead.)
  3. Don't give up hope! As long as you have the case number by next Wednesday it should go out on 6/25. I don't think we can do much with the numbers until the embassys receive our petitions so the only thing that really matters is the Wednesday cutoff.
  4. No case number yet, they just said it was received. I'm planning to call later this week to ask for it.
  5. I filled out the askNVC form from greenbaums post right after I got my NOA2. I received notice this morning that my petition is at NVC. Thanks for the tips and tricks, it's really helpful! Noa2: 5/17 Nvc rec: 6/11
  6. We have the same NOA2 date! When I called earlier this week they didn't have it yet. They told me to try again next week. It wouldn't hurt anything for you to call and ask if you're curious though. As an fyi it took like 30 minutes on hold to reach a rep.
  7. I wonder if USCIS does a large batch shipment once a month or something. It seems like many May people are arriving at NVC now which would line up with this 5/24 ship date I think. I hope ours gets there soon too. Good luck to everyone, praying we make it swiftly and smoothy through the process ๐Ÿ™
  8. If they're too busy, you get a recording like "thank you for calling the national visa center. All of our representatives are busy helping other customers". If you get that, then just hang up because it doesn't give you any options. Try calling later and it'll be a different recording that will eventually say press 1 for English or 2 for spanish. After that I hit 7 for "other questions"
  9. I just got through to NVC by phone for the first time. My case isn't there yet...which is the answer that I expected since other timelimes show it takes at least around 28 days. They said based on my NOA2 date to try calling again next week. I think for mid May NOA2s we can pray for a miracle for us to go out on the 6/11 run, but it's more realistic to hope to make the 6/25 one. I'm crossing my fingers not to have to wait longer than that ๐Ÿ˜…
  10. Hello, We have a pending fiance visa (just got noa2) and my fiance is currently in America on ESTA which allows up to 90 days visit. She only came in about a month ago but upon entry she originally stated her departure date will be June 3rd. The i-94 website says we still have almost 60 days remaining without overstaying. Will changing her departure date by a few weeks cause any issues since we originally said June 3rd? Or are we okay since we'll still leave before 90 days? We don't want to cause any issues for our visa process. Thank you
  11. It came! It was the NOA2 approval! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ Best of luck to everyone still waiting. I you all receive yours soon too!
  12. Thanks for the tip! It shows "1 of 1" in the envelope window so I'm hopeful!
  13. USPS informed delivery shows I have mail from USCIS coming today (dated 5/17)! Now the waiting game for the mailman to come begins haha. Here's to hoping it's good news and not an RFE. ๐Ÿ™ The new and old websites still show no update so I don't think they're actually up to date. (I also filled out that form for electronic notification but haven't got anything.)
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