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  1. April 15th was our receipt date. I sent in an inquiry this morning and will keep calling until we get an answer.
  2. Getting really discouraged here. Still no update and nothing in the mail. called a few times and the same old response that we are well within the fine frame. sigh
  3. Still no updates. My husband is falling a victim to depression because of it. He feels so lost here and feels punished for the long process. 😔
  4. We are in the same boat. No update since fingerprint fee was received. We filed April 17th and received our NOA April 19th. We have an MSC case number and every time we have called they just blame Covid for the delay.
  5. When you initially applied there should have been an I-485 for the principal applicant and all family members PLUS I-864 and I-944 for each person. It seems redundant but it is how you minimize delays for yourself and for the officer assigned to your case. If you only submitted one copy for the principal applicant and they just happen to misplace it, it will further delay the process because they will have to contact you to resend in the missing paperwork.
  6. Thank you. We did marry right away and have submitted all his paperwork for AoS and EAD. It is just frustrating that we requested his SSN prior to the shut down and they are now using it as an excuse to not fix their mistakes as everything has to be done in person.
  7. My fiance, now husband, entered on 2/12/2020 and we applied for his SSN on 2/24/2020. He was told it would be about 4 weeks until he received his card. I called at the 4 week mark and was given the run around on his case. Checked SAVE and it gives a generic message stating the case was sent back to SSA blah blah blah. I called them weekly and no one was able to give me any updates other than they were waiting for DHS. Fast forward to today and he received a letter stating they cannot issue his SSN due to DHS unable to verify the immigrant document submitted (I'm assuming his I-94). With the shut down we are going to be SOL as his I-94 expires on May 11, 2020 and I don't see them reopening their offices this week and we are too close to the 2 week mark for them to issue. Has anyone else gone through this issue and have any resolution? This COVID-19 pandemic has added on more stress and anxiety to this process. Thanks in advance!
  8. Have you checked out the guides on this forum for the AOS checklist? Although it hasn't been updated to include the I-944 it came in handy for when my husband and I were getting ready to send in his I-485, I-765, I-944, and I-864. If we hadn't checked we would have gotten rejected because when we submitted his birth certificate to the Embassy in France it didn't need to have a certified translation while for the I-485 we had to include it. Regarding his credit score--we printed out the transunion page that showed he didn't have a credit score here as part of our evidence (I'm fully prepared to get an RFE for this but in some cases USCIS has accepted it as proof). We mailed it in on 4/14/20 and received NOA1 on 4/17/20 AOS Checklist
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