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  1. Schedule it rn if you can but they may be no dates available, make sure you complete your ds-160 Go to and sign up https://ais.usvisa-info.com
  2. I I’m the petitioner, Yes I’m waiting on the emails from them
  3. Mines is at consular right now haven’t gotten my p3 as yet so I need to wait on it to schedule my interview
  4. Finally got my case number yesterday did everything I was supposed to waiting for it to get to the embassyFinally got my case number yesterday did everything I was supposed to waiting for it to get to the embassy
  5. Yayyy… 🙌🏽…Yea if it’s anything like the DS-260 it’s takes at least 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete and I know because assist with helping a lot of my friends but they mostly have spouses or children so kinda know what I I’m gotta so on the fiancé side but it take a lot of time to complete the visa application Nice your almost there, 🙏🏽
  6. Thanks for the tip, I got my case on Wednesday they told me to call next week for a case number so fingers crossed 🙏🏽 I’m so happy you’re getting through and have a see and it didn’t take very long Once you got your case number
  7. You’re very welcome and I’m happy you called them to get case number from them because they do not call anyone or send emails. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Gods working
  8. Call the non immigration side of NVC (603) 334-0888, you get through a little quicker and they should give your case number now it’s been over 6 week so they should have it, I’m right at 4 weeks so i will probably get mine next week…. More than likely beneficiary will get notifications by email
  9. 60 days or 6 weeks NVC is telling ppl but they are not helpful
  10. On my third week NVC has still not received my case and just over it, can’t do this anymore with immigration
  11. Approved 3 weeks ago until now NVC has not received my case from Uscis and telling the estimated to me is 6 weeks this is bs, I’m over it at this point
  12. I’m praying to god next week they give me my case number Monday will make three weeks and NVC is reps are no help what so ever. They do not understand ppl spend almost 8 months waiting for on approval then of wait another month to get your case to NVC or get a case number this is ridiculous
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