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  1. hello, Im stuck in a bad situation right now, going through a bad divorce. After all these years of waiting for my soon to be ex husband to be home in the states with me turned out to be a a fake fake person. We married in his home country back in 2010 everything was a long process...I would travel to visit him occasionally... well his visa finally got approved back in august of 2018 everything seemed to be going fine until he came home..... I found a wedding ring in his bag with his initial and the girl I caught him talking to initial ....but of course typical man denied everything. He pretty much left a family back home and possibly remarried and he couldn't be honest with me of course he wasn't going to give up this opportunity. My question is what can I do at this point ? is there anything I can do for fraud because thats what it was on his part. He came home august of 2018 and he left to live with his sister in October of 2018 . He pretty much just came to stay with me got his permanent resident card then he booked it with all the excuses a lying man thats been caught in his game.
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