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  1. We have filed our N-400 but my wife also wants to apply for a Spanish citizenship through the Sephardic jewish program this October. Could this interfere with our N-400 or lead to a denial? She is from Mexico originally.
  2. Wow. Where is your office? San Antonio is a year.
  3. So you just walked in without contacting the center before hand?
  4. 1) Click on the "Timeline" button on the left side of the page under your name 2) On the next page click the green "Edit / Add My Entry" button in the gray box 3) On the next page, click the "Edit Timeline" button 4) On the next page, scroll down to the Citizenship Section and enter your local CIS office nearest you, your N-400 filing date and your NOA date. You can add your biometric, interview date etc. whenever you get it. Last hit Save!
  5. Eli, You should add your dates to the VJ official timeline. It's helpful for other users and it improves the VJ database.
  6. This happened for us after biometric on the new site but not the old site. It still can't load any details.
  7. We did it 2 weeks ago. Pictures and fingerprints. In and out in 5 minutes. Was hoping for an approval last week but no such luck.
  8. Sigh, week is more than halfway done and still nothing. Was hoping the biometric appointment was all that was keeping us from being approved.
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