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  1. If someone is in the US on a tourist visa and they get married, does their tourist visa become void? If so, if they over stayed the tourist visa but got married before it expired, are they legal or illegal? They have not yet submitted the green card applications (130/485/etc).
  2. You guys can bookmark the google sheets from the Aug, Sept and Oct filer spreadsheets and see when they are getting close for your office.
  3. Are you getting your name changed as part of the n-400? If so, you might have to wait longer than 3 weeks. It was 6 for us but there are others that waited for 3 months.
  4. Original estimate was about 9 month to March 2020 but we finished in Dec 2019.
  5. I found the best thing was making physical flash cards for my wife.
  6. We have an oath ceremony at the EDGEWOOD THEATER OF PERFORMING ARTS in San Antonio and the entire thing seats 1,500 people. I'm not sure if that means we should except it to be filled or not. Has anyone been to a ceremony in a big venue? How long did the entire process take? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone gone though the green card process for the parents of the immigrant's parents once the immigrant gets citizenship? I understand the new citizen would have to file a 130 and then the parents would go to the consulate in Mexico and file the 485. I have a few questions. -Does the new citizen filing the 130 affect the parents' availability to get a tourist visa that they regularly use? -Does the parents filing the 485 affect their availability to get a tourist visa that they regularly use? -Does getting a green card mean they have to commit to living in the US? -How long does the 130 stay active until expiring?
  8. Why do you need to wait until you get the passport to get a DL and new SS card? Doesn't the naturalization certificate and marriage certificate work to prove identity requirements for SS and DL?
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