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  1. Thank you everyone for the insight. I guess our letter should arrive by September of this year. We will continue to be praying and staying positive
  2. Ok so our priority date is September 14th 2019, we’ve been waiting for an interview at Ciudad Juarez since then. Is there anything I should be doing so I don’t miss anything from now until we receive an interview date? I’m assuming the list is long for those waiting an interview. In the letter it mentions about checking the visa bulletin for updates but I honestly think understand it. Can anyone help clear my mind?? Thank you in advance. -Janett
  3. Congratulations on your CC. This has been very stressful but I’m glad we’re almost done with all this. 7-8 months??? That’s crazy. I had no idea it was taking that long. I heard 2-4 months but maybe it’s more now. I truly hope we get an appointment ASAP! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🤞🏽 Good luck! Keep me updated 😁
  4. I just received notice in my email that we are now in the waiting list for an interview date. Though, I don’t know how long that will take for an actual date, we are extremely happy and thankful to God that all documents were accepted without more RFE. I am confident that God will open doors for us to receive a date soon.
  5. I originally filled I864ez which I believed will be enough. I received notice that they want I864. I’m confused on a few questions. Hope you guys can help. Part 3 is asking information about the immigrants you are sponsoring and I don’t think I choose any because I am sponsoring my husband only... Part 5 question 1 is obviously my husband whom I’m only sponsoring but then the other question 2 ask if you are currently married enter 1 but it stated that those following questions are for persons not sponsored in the affidavit making my husband part of it. Will i simply just leave it at blank/0 since he’s already included in the affidavit. Just don’t want it to look like I entered 0 when I’m clearly married. I don’t k ow if I’m explaining myself correctly but this affidavit is more confusing. Help!!!
  6. Hi. Sorry I just saw this message. After reading it I decided to log into USCIS and mine says “my case was approved “ 😁🙏
  7. Hi I just received this in my email and I believe I got my CC but it asks for documents. I’m confused. It says we will be getting our interview soon. Is that right? Help VJ fam!
  8. That’s awesome!!! I just submitted our packet yesterday. I hope and pray we get fast results like you.
  9. Hi @MXcompadre I130 filed a while ago. I’m in the process of submitting the packet with all documents supporting the affidavit.
  10. @MXcompadre thank you very very much. Do you know if one must submit passport photos when sending in the whole packet with the affidavit of support?
  11. Gracias. I appreciate your detailed message. Not yet, I want to be prepared on what to do when date is scheduled. It’s taking forever for interviews to be given out.
  12. Hu vj family. Question, when you get your visa approved after your interview where do they send it? Is there a specific place thats faster to receive it that way youre able to leave mexico quicker... i know at the time of scheduling your medical appointment they ask you, and so ive been told. I simply want to be prepared.
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