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  1. I just got my DQ today! However, under civil documents in says incomplete, and when I try and click on the link to view the documents it times out, goes into an error, and logs me off the site. I was reading that the Applicant also needs A copy of their marriage certificate in addition to the divorce decree. Is this correct? If so is it just the applicant or does the petitioner need to provide these as well? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
  2. I had a quick question. Do I need to submit my divorce records (US Spouse), along with my Mexican spouses information under the IV Application? This is what I have uploaded before I submitted.
  3. I'm waiting on the same issue. Did you get any feedback from other sources?
  4. The same thing happened to me today! I had a second Active Review, and when I logged in I had an approval letter! PD 3-31-21 NOA2 3-21-22
  5. Thank you very much for the feedback. I can rest a little better now.
  6. Greetings, I was looking over my I-130 and found a few possible problems. 1. Page 9 petitioners statement don't have a block selected. 2. Page 3 under Current spouse (20a-c) I put in the date of my divorce for my previous marriage. I think this should have been left blank. 3. Page 6 I also made the same mistake and put a date in the "date marriage ended box". I went through this and did a lot of proof reading and I don't know how this was missed. Is this something that needs immediate attention? Is this one of those "big mistakes"? Any information will be helpful. PD is 3/30/21
  7. I just got transfered to the PSC for some reason. This is not what I wanted to hear. The case is at the Potomac Service Center. You can get an idea of how long it will take to process your case from the processing time table available on our website at egov.uscis.gov/processing-times. If your receipt date is before the “Receipt date for a case inquiry," you can submit an e-request at egov.uscis.gov/e-request/Intro.do. There are no new updates to report to you at this time. We will notify you if we need something from you. We appreciate your patience. Before you go, would you like to learn how to create a USCIS online account that gives you access to our self-help tools anytime and on any device?
  8. Im not to sure. But looking at the timelines I'm somewhat disappointed. Some are taking 500-600 days from NOA1 to card in hand.
  9. The females have to be divorced for a time period. However, if it is not stated in the divorce they will make it happen.
  10. Thank you all for the extra information. I will have to work on uploading some more pictures.
  11. So this should not be an issue? It was an error but it won't slow things down? Im getting a little stressed about navigating through this process. Thank you for taking the time to reply by the way.
  12. I just about went through all the guides and youtube videos.
  13. Thank you very much for the information. I will add some pictures.
  14. I already submitted my I-130 4 months ago and I have been reading that people have been getting denied due to lack of evidence. Can I somehow continue to add more evidence as it becomes available? All I had in there was 4 memorandoms from people that know the both of us. I did not add any pictures, or health insurance information. It is currently actively being reviewed. Thanks in advance for any information.
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