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  1. Hey Brother, she has a Mexican passport. I think they issues her a visiting visa. She said it was not revoked. Thank you for confirming it is the NOI1
  2. That is not the best news. Do you think they will allow you to use another consulate within the country without such a huge wait time?
  3. On the top it states over 270 days for the I130 approval or the Visa? Also, on the bottom where the country is listed are days in addition to the I130 approval? In other words it will take over two years to get a green card?
  4. Im not trying to brag, I just wanted to know if there would be an issue. I'm a pretty humble person. From what I understand is you can reach the minimum requirements and still be denied. I am also wondering if they are going by take home or net pay. I do pretty good at the job on paper but when everything comes out i'm eating hamburger helper for the last 4 days. Thanks for your feedback JKL.
  5. Thanks Lucky, I appriciate the reply. I can rest a little better now. I see your close.. Im down the street in Midlothian.
  6. Greetings, I am Keith, currently living in the Dallas, Texas area. I have been a member here for about two weeks. I have been reading everyones posts and trying to find out how to read their timelines. I was married on 3-23-2021 and filed the I-130 on 3-30-2021. I received a receipt and I was also wondering if that is the NOI1? I'm very new to the process and I'm not completey sure. The wife is currently living in Durango, Mexico. My case has been sent to the NSC for processing so I hope they get things done quick there. Carolina (Wife) had a visa a few years back and visited California for a week but lost it after she returned. Does anyone think this will b e an issue for the I-130? I am worried that the I-130 will be refused because the visa information could not be recovered. In addition, is 120k a year income good enough to get the support form approved? Does anyone have any current timelines on I-130 approval? Thank you all for posting in this forum and giving us new guys/girls some knowledge. Duffield
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