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  1. Do we bring both of our kids to the interview? Would it make a difference if they come or not?
  2. When I first submitted our petition the expected approval date was August 30th. Now they are saying August 20th 2019. Is this normal?
  3. So our conversations have been in Spanish. Since we are limited in each others language we have over 3000 pages of communication! Do I need to translate the whole 3000 pages?
  4. Yea my son and I are going in August and I go back in October. Still driving me bananas!
  5. We are just curious what have people done while waiting for their NOA2. We are 31 days in and it’s driving me crazy.
  6. Maybe I am confused about what an RFE is. Can you tell me what it is?
  7. My fiancee is going to court on Monday to get a judgement of sole custody. When we get the paper work is there a way I can send or upload that information to UCSIS so they have all the updated information or do we have to wait for the RFE?
  8. I know it’s not for a while. I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything I have to do that’s all.
  9. I have sent in my I29F form and recieved my NOA1. What form do I fill out for my fiance and daughter? Is it DS-260 for both?
  10. Did they give you any specific reason for the denial?
  11. If you have had your interview already tell the rest of us the type of questions you were asked? What should we expect?
  12. Well that a good thing I haed back two more time by October
  13. The one thing that concerns me is that I am 20 years older than my fiance. We have been together over a year. I want to avoid that pitfall.
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