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  1. You can try, doesn't hurt to try, I understand your concern all too well. I am sorry about your mom, hoping for a positive outcome for you, stay strong ❤️
  2. Thank you, I didn't email a formal email as I read online that I should, notarized etc. It was he who just sent the email not me, should it be me or is he doing it enough is my question.
  3. Hello, I have a question I wanted to ask about a visa cancellation email, long story short my relationship has tanked and is still at the embassy showing Ready. My ex emailed them a few days ago, he seems to have moved on and wants to make himself appear as the good samaritan who is cancelling to engage in a possible new relationship and apply in the future. How do I Officially cancel this thing, clearly an email will not suffice from my part, is there a propoer way to do it? Do I even have to at this point or should I just let it expire? The status on CEAC shows Ready updated yesterday, I will not be petitioning anyone else again so for me there is no issue about any future visas but what about for him? Does he cancelling affect his ability to ever receive one? I wish him the best of luck , I am not trying to hurt him in any way, I just want to know what my steps are and what you think about this scenario. Thank you,
  4. Once a case is completed and ready to go , NVC ships out every other tuesday to the consulates correct?
  5. Shes trying to set up a victim case or possible vawa, it's what they do when they want to stay and get a GC. USCIS will not give a ####### about weed smoking, and she can divorce without saying that and still be able to get her GC thru divorce waiver, it's cruel and unnecessary.
  6. Why would you do that? That seems wrong to me and unecessary, how about you just get a divorce and not bring up the weed? He brought you here didnt he? You were in love with him at some point werent you? The answer is, you can say it, but that would be wrong of you AND it is not necessary, you can just get a divorce and you will still get the same outcome, you can stay in the great u.s of A. SMH.
  7. Why would it be confusing? You guys have two seperate passports and visas and are two different people, yours is being processed and hers hasnt been worked on yet so it still says "Ready" as in ready for interview. Be patient, it will be issued soon, congrats.
  8. You made the decision, his motivations were clear and you still went ahead with it, if there is anyone to blame here unfortunately it's you.😩 😢 I don't think there's anything you can do about this now, you ignored red flags and now you pretty much can do nothing, he already has his greencard, I am sooooo sorry.
  9. The documents that he will get in Morocco are valid for 90 days, you do not know if his interview will take longer than that to be set. I suggest that you wait until you have an interview to start gathering the documents.
  10. They think that you want to come be here with your family, the confusion with who introduced you was taken as you were making things up which that coupled with the family thing and only him going once sank your chances. I would suggest more visits and marrying in Cambodia.
  11. I suggest, if it's possible for you, to visit once more then filing and after going for the interview. I would wait a few months after the denial to file again and not do it so soon.
  12. Bynx24

    Patri & Mandy

    Adorable, my beautiful Cuba 🤩 Goodluck !!!!! Congrats !
  13. Well I sympathize and all Americans do not do this believe me, it's usually us that end up screwed or almost screwed.
  14. Surprising because it just seems to be the other way around mostly, not saying that it cant happen, but an oddity around here.
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