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  1. No, it.wont denied due to your arrest, first you should not dinie that in the form and then your fiancee need to know your case coz consul will be ask that for sure during interview like me. and then you should get and court clearance too base on my experience im.on k1 visa my husband has arrest record before that's we do all is okay dont worry. God bless.
  2. Hello..everyone please help me I recieved letter today that income of husband not meet the poverty guidelines, they said we need co sponsor. Or if we have property. My husband owned a house and car.thats all. Our bank is small.amount only for now is that okay already for that assets. Please I need your advice thank you.
  3. Allaboutwaiting, thank you for helping me to understand more my situation.
  4. Good day, to all. I'm currently now process aos, my husband mother is dependent with him.now she need to go to nursing home. And he want to apply for her mother for Medicaid. Is that affect my aos adjustment.about trump new rule. Using any Medicaid. But were not using it for only her mother only my husband signed for her mother. Please help me with your openion..thank you.
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