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  1. She don't have an ID card either
  2. What if she don't have an ID card?
  3. My now wife is waiting for the interview for the appt, to get her green card...but her passport expires next week. Should I be concerned. Thanks Ck
  4. My fiance has her passport stamped with the visa now.  Is the border open for her to fly, or not?  I have heard both...

    Also, how does quarantine work, does the US give them a place to stay and she just needs money to buy food?

      Her visa expires 2 1/2 weeks from now.  Thanks




    1. JacobP


      It's open, but DO NOT transit through a country in the Schengen area, Brazil, or China. If you avoid any banned countries on the way you're fine. There is no nationwide quarantine for travelers, some areas may have their own rules.

  5. We are waiting on police clearance to arrive from Hong Kong. I am going to fed ex it so that it will get to embassy. Question is; are they really going to hold ban till end of year? She already had her interview. Thanks Ck
  6. We have had the interview and approved pending police clearance in Hong Kong. Also my petition expired on 3/12/20. Have been in contact with embassy, but no response yet cause they have been closed. They have my letter for extension, but still waiting...
  7. What is the process to extend our petition time? We need to because waiting on police clearance from Hong Kong is difficult at this time.
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