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  1. Richard Purves

    NOIR Response Time

    Hello. Long story short: visa interview Jan 30th 2018 ... resulted in a 221(g) and AP. 2nd March 2018 ... AP completed. File Returned to NVC 27th May 2018 ... file received by USCIS. With the aid of Congressman Ted Lieu's office, USCIS examines file around Feb 22nd 2019. Feb 29th 2019 .. NOIR issued. Immediately engaged attorney. $3k and a lot of paperwork later, we have a response prepared and likely sent yesterday to USCIS refuting all responses. My attorney claimed the letter was "cut n paste" similar to other NOIR's he's dealt with lately. My question is this: leaving aside the substance of the NOIR letter ... how long is TSC taking to process responses? I've read of responses in as little as a week or as much as six months. I've also read they aim to process within 120 days of response. Love to know if there's any average timescale on this obviously depending on complexity of the NOIR.
  2. Richard Purves

    Immigration Attorney

    Ok you've two choices then: 1) Declare everything in advance to a US immigration attorney and see what they say 2) Use a UK solicitor to find out if it's feasible to contest the juvenile charges, go through that process THEN apply for the visa while continuing to document your relationship. My country is weird on this stuff. They were supposed to transfer all records into the Police National Computer ... but they didn't, or it's still ongoing. What you end up with is all modern infractions end up in the PNC but each Police Service also maintains it's own record keeping, paper and otherwise. It's a giant mess. The net effect of this is a simple search of the PNC can reveal no records but an E-CRB check (which goes around all the services one by one) can reveal things. In this situation I cannot stress being honest about all of this highly enough. Assume they know everything.
  3. Richard Purves

    Immigration Attorney

    This is an ever changing part of UK law and you should get proper legal advice regarding UK criminal records. I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. I do occasionally write them 😉 -- Cautions are in the UK treated as "immediately spent convictions", but in the US this concept doesn't exist so they regard cautions as convictions and thus if you have one you have a criminal record. Now the UK has been shaking up the disclosure and retention rules on/off since 2004, and it's about to get far more complicated with a recent Supreme Court ruling that the retention policies for convictions and the like are too strict. So this is the point where you have to ask, what information are they actually holding and disclosing? The easiest way is for your fiancee to do a "subject access" request here: https://www.acro.police.uk/subject_access.aspx When that turns up you'll get one of the following. "No Trace" meaning no record. "No Live Trace" meaning there's something but they're not disclosing or the worst case is a laundry list of offences. From that, you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Your fiancee will HAVE to disclose any criminal records on an immigration petition and that's the point where a US attorney can advise you. On the UK side, there's a faint possibility of getting records actually removed for non serious offences and depending on severity your fiancee could discuss with someone like http://crbproblems.co.uk/background
  4. Richard Purves

    Travelling to usa while first layover in UK

    Not sure what you mean by this. Unlike the USA, European airports have a domestic and international zones so you shouldn't technically have to enter the UK.
  5. Richard Purves

    London Knightsbridge Medical Experience

    I would add that if you have the time to spare, get any missing vaccinations from your local GP. While you can get them from Knightsbridge, they will charge you for it. They even suggested I do exactly this but I didn't have time so £400 later.
  6. The info on USCIS website is they aim to respond in 120 days or less. Luck of the draw.
  7. Richard Purves

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    It certainly sounds promising! Good luck!
  8. They stalk everyone including me. I've had some interesting comments about my visa, my other career and even my Facebook from certain "Platinum" and "Supreme" members on here. Knightsbridge are very busy. There's a different number somewhere that you can call, it's for their other office. Despite the issues I had, I will stick up for the staff there. They've a lot of people to see, very quickly and my own medical was scheduled for my birthday so I offered them some of the Swiss chocolate I'd been given as a thanks.
  9. Richard Purves

    221(g)/Administrative Processing 2018 UK Master Thread

    That is true but I have to say that I screwed up the copy and paste. I meant that to be No Trace so not nearly as bad as it sounds. Short version, interview was a whole six minutes. Most of my file with the stuff about what I plan to do after I get there was summarily ignored. He tried to catch me out on certain dates and failed. They wanted to keep hold of my passport but I had to travel to/from Switzerland a couple times so he gave it back. My 221(g) form stated awaiting return of passport but I was never contacted to give it back. I assume from the dates I saw that it went from consular officer to supervisor and they just sent it straight back to USCIS. Currently approaching a congressman to try and "shake the tree" as I'm well over 180 days now. No visa/esta overstays. No marriages, no kids etc. I stayed firmly within immigrant visa territory.
  10. Richard Purves

    221(g)/Administrative Processing 2018 UK Master Thread

    ***NEW INFO PLEASE ADD*** Username Date of interview Time of Interview Result: 221g Given? Document Requets Reason Given Time Frame Given Last CAEC Update Last Contact Medical Date Medical At Consolate? Police Cert Status Possible Red Flags Richard Purves 01/30/2018 09:00 Administrative Processing Y N None None 11-Nov N/A 19-Jan N No Live Trace None
  11. Richard Purves

    221(g)/Administrative Processing 2018 UK Master Thread

    Keep an eye on my timeline. I got AP'd at the interview last January. NOIR'd in March and my file has been lost at USCIS since April 24th.
  12. Richard Purves

    221(g) AP - Is it just me?

    And if you think an imdb page is the end of be all of a career, you've obviously never seen how inaccurate it can be. And I'm done. Thanks for derailing the thread past it's original intent into a cyber stalk and attack on me. You know nothing of me. I now know why people don't complete their timelines here now. Goodbye.
  13. Richard Purves

    221(g) AP - Is it just me?

    I would highly suggest that you have not seen it all and not to comment on incomplete information that you've "found" from a quick google.
  14. Richard Purves

    221(g) AP - Is it just me?

    I only mentioned it because the last couple times I did ESTA based travel to the US, I was routinely asked if I'd been to the Middle East in the past five years.
  15. Richard Purves

    221(g) AP - Is it just me?

    Well this hasn't gone quite the way I'd hoped. So ... yes I got a blue 221(g) form at the end of my interview. If you check my timeline, you'll see I went through the RFE process three times during the I-140 filling process and what you can't see on the timeline was the fact I hit the EB1 requirements before the first RFE was sent. That's why I have a file over 500 pages in size before any USCIS / NVC / DoS additions. I suspect it was a combination of a hostile embassy officer and the fact I've a Saudi Arabian business visa in my passport from 2015. From what I can see a lot of people get the 221(g) because they're missing documentation. I am not one of those, I just got some guy having a bad morning or something. My interview was extremely confrontational and thankfully I kept my cool to about five minutes walk outside of the embassy. The original request was to find out if London was issuing more 221(g) forms for Administrative Processing than has been usual. So far I've seen reported one success and many more AP recommendations. As I understand things the various embassies should NOT be using the 221(g) regularly to contradict USCIS decisions but it's well known that in some countries it's done as a matter of procedure ... even though it technically shouldn't be.