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  1. I was told it would take 4 wks, I waited almost 6 wks went back to SS office, and apparently the mailman returned it back because my husbands last name was not on the mailbox, since it was an official document it was returned to sender. We then got it two weeks later.
  2. Thank you, lol. That's what I meant, I was wondering if I could update my withholding. thanks
  3. My now husband came to US on a K1 visa in December 2019, he already has social security, health insurance, and we have submitted the AOS/EAD application. Can I now add him as a dependent to my payroll?
  4. I'm applying through marylandhealthconnection.gov its asking if I want to apply for financial help to make health coverage more affortable, can I do that if my husband is here on a K1 visa? Also, I can use his social security to purchase health insurance?
  5. Hi, I have health insurance through my employer and now need to get health insurance for my Spouse(here on a K1). My employers premium are too high for me and spouse. Can I just purchase health insurance for the both of us through healthcare.gov?
  6. When filing the AOS/EAD for my husband who is here on a K1 visa, do we have to submit an AOS application for K2(his 2 children who are in READY status but are not in the US yet) ?
  7. How long after arrival to the US does my fiancé have to wait before applying for a US drivers license and social security card. Do we have to get married first?
  8. Hello,

    My fiancé and I had our interview in the Dominican Republic on November 01, 2019 and we were approved.  As of today we are still waiting on his passport.  When I check the status on CEAC it says Application Received and the updated date has been changing but we see no update.  Is anyone in this same situation or has been in the past.  We don't know whats the delay.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Is there a K-1 thread for May 2019 filers? 

  10. Congratulations . I just submitted my I-129f two weeks ago, I still got a long way to go.
  11. Thank you all, that's great info.
  12. Does anyone know if making a major purchase(house or car) while waiting for my I-129f approval will affect the processing in anyway. My lease is almost up and the rent is ridiculous.
  13. I didn't get mine notarized. My fiancé and I both signed each others statement. We got a witness to sign as well.
  14. Does anyone know if the intent to marry letter has to be within 30 days. My fiancé and me each signed an intent to marry but its been past 30 days.
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