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  1. Awesome!!! We did too! It was assigned on the 10th of this month!!! Hopefully it can be shipped on the 25th!!!! Congratulations
  2. OMG your are soooo lucky..... the same day they got your NOA2 they assigned you a case....... thats awesome......
  3. when did NVC received your case? for example NVC received my case on June 5th
  4. hello... happy for you!!!! and when did NVC receive your NOA2?
  5. but did they received your case? or you are calling for case number?
  6. anyone here with NOA2 for May.... has received case#? and when did NVC received your case?
  7. you dont need case number for DS160, you need case nmber to book the appoinment.... and yes the social media questions are there....
  8. I just finish filling the DS160...... got that out of the way..... i really doooooo hope to get a case number soon..... keeping finger crossed
  9. Good morning.... lets hope that ours leave on the 11th.....
  10. Will keep my fingers crossed that may NOA 2 all leave on the 11th
  11. there is a difference between being honest, upfront and not sugar coating.... but being arrogant and mean is another level....
  12. arrogant..... you will go very far in life with such beautiful attitude.....
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