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  1. I received my NOA1 for 4-24-19. Long way to go.
  2. Thanks I downloaded the record it was a summary not s special court-martial. But, USCIS wants certified copies. When I called PNRC, they said they do not certify copies. I wonder if my copy will satisfy USCIS.
  3. I do but it referred me to PNRC unfortunately. Trying to be prepared for an rfe if they request one. Thanks for the info.
  4. I had a special court-martial in 1982 for AWOL and completed my service in February 1986. I received an honorable discharge. Was volunter for Desert Shield/Storm. I have been trying to get a certified copy of my court-martial but since I was not discharged the Army has no record of it. The Personnel National records center (PNRC) does not certify copies they told me on the phone. Will my two honorable discharges be enough to satisfy uscis? I have requested the record from PNRC but no word yet. Thanks for your assistance and feedback.
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