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  1. So yeah everyone saying you are wrong is only half correct!! technically cr1 dowsnt need fingerprints after entry but hey its USCIS they tend to lose things like whole applications and apparently fingerprints in systems. i havent been the only one either
  2. Yup! Still have that problem. entered February 15th, 2020 was told on the phone after endless calls that I need biometrics.. apparently they have lost them or something similar, who knows?! status changed to is being printed in like November but then back to in line to be schedules for biometrics. 60 days ago ot changed to appointment scheduled, have mot received an invitation until today, obviously called in between they said im only in line to be scheduled 😂 what a joke that place, have been here almost a full year and still not greencard. Yes and cr1!!
  3. WOW nevermind So on Oct 10th my case updated again to In production... Im like ok well that already was updated on the 1st but ok.. And then on the Nov 4th it updates again: Biometrics appointment was scheduled. They really must be kidding me... no letter yet (9th) so we will see when the appointment is.. so dumb. I already took them in Germany..
  4. my card is magically in production since October 1st. I have not been at my fingerprints appointment nor did I ever receive a letter. So random but Im am happy. It has been 230 days+ and I should receive with within the next 2-3 weeks
  5. how do I contact an ombudsman and what does that mean. Im on day 225 and still waiting for news. they said fingerprints which is dumb bc im cr1 but noooothing no fingerprints letter, no green card,
  6. day 200 since paid day 195 since entering. NOTHING. NO updates. NO card. No fingerprint invitation. Calling Monday. SO FRUSTRATING
  7. im counting on. currently 194 days since paid and 189 days since POE. called and made second request. they said I should hear from them within 15 days. DONT believe it yet
  8. just called yesterday. they are so useless They said they would give it to higher ups and I will get an answer within 30 days. called this Friday and they said well it hasnt been answered - no really???? So she told me to call again on Monday -.- LIKE THAT will change things. My last update is still to redo fingerprints for whatever reasons BUT no letter confirming it/an appointment or anything like that
  9. not sure if they took them at poe... they maybe didnt. I cant remember. BUT they for sure took them at the consulate in Germany -.- still waiting. 30 days almost over... will call again -.-
  10. I wish. I called to get it to the higher ups (July 16th)... they said it takes 30 days for an answer. As far as I know they still want me to come in and do fingerprints... lol that was my 3rd time calling and about my 5th email there.. and every call they say something else. 166 since POE 171 since I paid
  11. why dont yall have the SSN? Are the SSN offices still closed? I went there In february and got it 2 weeks later. As for green card.. called the 5th time (Day 152 now) and they said I am in line for fingerprints. SO Im like wth why and yeah idk guess I have to redo them. Offices just opened here in CA so I have to wait. TOday they finally escalated it to higher up BUT even for that I have to wait 30 days for a reply. Fun waiting game. thats minimum another month added to my 152 days. At least I have my ssn and my work
  12. They usually ask for the visa. its as good as the greencard for 1 year after entering the us
  13. It says reg number. Right under your case number. Thats your greencard number! as fas as I am aware it stays the same
  14. Yes. Just use the registration number. its basically as good as the greencard
  15. I inquired a few times and it was too early even on day 120. I called and they said I will get a letter for biometrics. Which I obviously already did since its an Cr1. They also still hat the wrong address even though I told them directly at the consulate -.- Might call on Monday and check again. I have a job. I had a job at a supermarket since March and now got better employment with a tech company :)
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