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  1. No not yet 😢 my cousin was born in Ivory coast. Back then they brought it from the city . I wish you good luck. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone it has been a while trying to figure out why nvc keep rejecting my wife's birth certificate . She is lebanese citizen born in Kuwait. We sent a birth certificate from lebanon it was rejected since it is issued by a the lebanese consulation. We send them one from Kuwait but it is very old and rejected it again saying it is not from the right authority. I'm thinking may because it is very old. Has anybody been in a similar situation? What do you think the problem?
  3. Thank you I hope it won't take more than that . I'm worried about being accepted or not. It was a birth certificate for the wife and affidavit of support. The person who helped me out said it was something wrong with the way the files were uploaded.
  4. Hi everyone I hope somebody can help me and tell me how much time should I wait to hear something from the nvc after resubmitting rejected documents ? It has been more than 45 days and I haven't heard from them 😦
  5. Hi everybody I received my approval today . My pd is septemper 28 Does anybody know how long I should wait to hear something from the NVC ? Thank you in advance and I hope everybody gets their approval soon.
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