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  1. I think that shows in their internal files only (not to us when we log in). I got the same automated message, I checked on-line, I couldn't see any update. But then months later, when I called to make an inquiry about the decision, they said that the interview showed as complete. So, I guess they can see that when they log in, and we can't.
  2. Exactly, totally agree with you, I don't buy it either. I think this extends to any of us who have old A-files (for whatever reason: long time here in the US, older visas, etc...). It should be fixed and escalated, you are absolutely right.
  3. Omg, that is next Monday!! wow, they really act fast when they want to. This gives us hope that one day we will hear some news 🙂
  4. Yes, and not only those cases from 2020, also anything related to some A-files locked at the Federal Records Centers:
  5. I got the same message after my interview and did not see any action, I think the system does that to "log in" that you actually had the interview. What I am confused about is: if your interview was on 10/12/21, why did you make an inquiry? was the case outside processing time, meaning you file maybe last year?
  6. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS @Moradesk!!! What a pleasant surprise. So, if your filing date was March 2020 it means it took more than 19 months... what a journey. Happy for you, let us know when you get the oath date. Still waiting for mine, I am at about 6 months since interview.
  7. Thanks for the tip, I appreciate this feedback. I have been reading a lot here and other forums and it does seem like the SRs or Senators inquiries do little to noting (maybe with some rare exceptions). It is just more of a waiting game. I already did my inquiries, now it is up to them to get the case moving, I try not to stress anymore about it. When the time comes it will come...
  8. Congratulations on your approval! I guess I missed this post as it was quoted from someone else?
  9. Thanks for updating and Congratulations on your oath notice, wow it was about time. You are one step closer, as you said it is not done till it is done!
  10. What is the "old system"? just curious if that was something from before 2020 maybe?
  11. My friend did it this last July because she was going on an international trip, and it got re-scheduled for 3-4 weeks later. So, it can be done.
  12. I have been re-reading this entire thread. So, any updates on the pending cases? @Soccer.Player(I know you got an RFE, did that get resolved?), @Neickers, @hxk, @oriana77, @anakai, @leonidas_alexan, @bunkx, @judefabulous, @robot11... not sure if I forgot anybody. So, on my end, only one update: after 120 days I contacted my Senator. They contacted my field office (in Denver) to inquiry about my case. About 2-3 weeks later they received an answer from USCIS stating that my A-file remains locked at one of the Federal Records Center. Apparently many centers are still closed because of COVID, so they can't retrieve those files for review, thus causing the delay. Anybody else has heard of this? to me it seems unbelievable that they cannot retrieve a file in a timely manner (4-5 months). So, at this point I think I am stuck waiting. I was curious if anyone else has made any progress.
  13. I have been following your updates @angelostuartand @Moradesk Keep them coming 🙂 My case is a bit similar (in terms of timing, no criminal record in my case), had the interview on 4-20-21, decision could not be made. Still waiting as of today. I contacted my Senator and after a couple of weeks, USCIS responded them that my A-file is held at the Federal Records Center. Apparently many centers are still closed because of COVID, so they can't retrieve those files for review, thus causing the delay. Have you heard anything similar?
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