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  1. Same here, it took a year. I don't want to discourage anybody, but just so people know that it can take a long time in some cases.
  2. Congratulations!! Your wait was worthy. I waited a little over 9 months, it seems Denver is far behind schedule!
  3. Just pasting this link here for February 2021 filers. Feel free to update everyone here. This was useful to me when I was stressing about the wait, it seems it takes a whole year in many cases. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bavl3LoFu4RvNZ22oCrcRY4bjZHMVsLb5dOLpm4mKIg/edit#gid=835077655
  4. Hard to tell, to me N400 approved means approved. But for some reason they want to review your I751 again. Could that be a system glitch? Give it a few days, and if no new messages appear I would call them or open a request. If you have already been waiting for 2 years it probably means your case is outside normal processing times anyways, so you can open a case request on-line.
  5. Exactly, "decision to be made" does NOT mean decline. Don't lose hope, I think your case will be taken care of soon, at least you did what you had to do and uploaded the documents. It is just that USCIS seems to have a "linear mind set", they can only process one thing at a time, they can only do one job. Your document was missing, so the officer could not look outside his box. Try not to stress about it (I know, I've been through this too, and now it is easier to say), all you can do is wait and watch.
  6. Your case is much different, you were Approved, so that is good news! do not have to wait for a decision to be made. I am sure you will receive the oath ceremony notice pretty soon. Not sure the longest anyone has waited, I heard of a few cases where they were waiting for 3-5 months for the ceremony after approval.
  7. Have you tried contacting your Senator and explaining the situation? Hopefully your FOIA will trigger something in the next few weeks, others have had success with that. Suing takes a long time, and money, I would try other routes first.
  8. Congratulations!!! I am sure the FOIA helped, that could be the trick to get all these cases pending. Your experience will help others here who are still waiting for positive news. Enjoy the ceremony!
  9. Same thoughts here, as @abfarand @oriana77mentioned. Make sure first you exhaust all other options: contact Senator, representatives, file FOIA (this seems to unstuck some cases), and even contact the FRC directly. Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on layers, not when it is USCIS job to do their part. Why should we waste time and money to accomplish their job? Frankly, I think everyone should be back working, most of us have been since the start of the pandemic, enough is enough. And I understand your frustration, all of us here have been through it, one day that is put behind.
  10. I contacted my Senator, and they must have contacted the FRC, not sure which one, but I think Leesummit is the one with all the A-files and caves. You can also contact FRC through their email addresses on the webpage. I read someone did that and got a response.
  11. It seems it will probably delay it. I had an A-file that had to be reviewed (previous J1 visa) and it took 9 months to retrieve after the interview. Maybe the process is speeding up right now, but don't be surprised it takes a few months. There is a similar thread with lots of non-decisions if you want to read through, you are not alone:
  12. The ceremony was sweet and short. First I gave the form N-445 to an officer, then went into a big room (we were a total of 26 people, socially distanced and wearing masks). Then there was a short speech by the director at USCIS, we all said the oath aloud, and we also had the privilege to hear a speech from our Senator who handed the naturalization certificates to each one of us. In total, it probably lasted 30 minutes or so. Oh, and at the end there was the option to register for voting!
  13. I contacted Senator Bennet and they put a request to get my A-file apparently. Took more than 9 months in my case from interview to oath.
  14. Congratulations! It is always nice to see cases moving along after such a long time of uncertainty and wait 🙂
  15. It was a 2 line e-mail. I told them USCIS needed my A-file and wondered if they had transferred it, gave them my number, no receipt number. But I never got an answer, so not sure if that is what helped or not. In the meantime the Senator's office was also doing their inquiries.
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