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  1. Getting a new passport now will delay us for weeks,it’s not really that easy where I’m from
  2. Hi guys, I’m having a tough time thinking this through... I just did my police clearance and they insisted on using my names as it is in my passport, the thing is we used my husband’s surname and not mine for filing, so now my passport and clearance bears my maiden name. Isn’t this going to be a problem, I don’t wanna get an RFE😢
  3. Ohh thanks a lot for this. About tax transcript and W2 , what if we send only 2018 tax transcript and W2 are we good?
  4. Thanks dear. Hoping for a smooth phase ,I’m scared of RFE
  5. Hi guys,I’m so excited, we just got our case number now. NVC received our case 25th of April.
  6. Congratulations!!! Yes it’s definitely bcos your husband was working there when you filed and they weren’t notified of a change of address.
  7. Don’t worry,we gonna hear something soon. This whole process is a test of ones patience 😒 not an easy wait....
  8. It’s raining case numbers today,congrats to everyone who got theirs. Still praying and waiting for ours🙏
  9. Awww congrats dear,hopefully i get mine soon too . Received our case 26th
  10. Congratulations to you. When did NVC receive ur case?
  11. Which office you filed your case? can you update your timeline.

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