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  1. It's almost that time two days til interview..... OMG I'm so nervous and excited at the same time.

    1. Karim2018


      Best of luck to you!

    2. Jmeleecur


      Good luck!! Deep breaths, just be honest & be yourself!

    3. Mrs. Oluyede

      Mrs. Oluyede

      Thank you so much 

  2. Exactly and proud of your accomplishments just sad how they discriminate against Nigerians.
  3. I clearly explained what "I" meant by saying top load maybe you should read what I said. If you have things in order on app and not leave important things off will give you better opportunity to have documents looked at.
  4. I like this site except for the people who treat people from third world countries like #######. It baffles me that we're all trying to get a loved closer but knock the next person. 

    Humble yourselves you to can be denied...  

  5. Sadly most people responding aren't familiar with the Embassy there. In third world countries your not allowed to speak unless spoken to. You cant give them papers if they dont ask. You could perfectly have everything in order and still get denied is it right? No but its important to top load when applying for visit which mean give enough explanation on application that they would want to see your documents. Best of luck
  6. I wish you luck just know that regardless of ignorance being displayed on your post stay positive. They judge a whole Country for mistakes of a few bad apples. Forgetting that when we travel abroad we are also judged by "their president" and acts of other Americans. Such is life
  7. Truth is if you were married or had children or owned property in Nigeria
  8. We got our case # tonight..... 

    Yayyy 😃😄

  9. Yes I'm currently in Charlotte and your on the coast yep not to far away.
  10. He should be fine no worries he has gotten all of his needed immunizations at he medical exam so he will be ok. Could you ask him how much they charged him for medical in Nigeria? My husband will be going for his soon.
  11. It is best to have my husband has one it shows his records of immunizations. The medical records will be sealed and only opened once he reaches the states. Ask for one at his medical.
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