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  1. We applied at the local SS office yesterday without any issues. Although we had several pieces of documentation, they only asked for the I94 and passport although we also handed them the translated BC -- I'm not sure if they used it for anything. I'm still a bit confused about the work part. The person at the SS office asked if she already had EAD, I told them she had only arrived 10 days ago and they said they would correct this. We were told it will take 3-4 weeks for them to review the application and send the card/response.
  2. I have searched and found some good information here about applying for SS number for K1 beneficiary but I'm not sure what to select on the application for citizenship/work (Question 5). Should select 'legal alien allowed to work', or 'not allowed to work'? I'm guessing 'allowed to work' based on the assumption we will be applying for EAD in the near future or is this updated after marriage?
  3. Most airlines allow 2 bags on international flights. If not, it may be cheaper to pay the additional baggage fee depending on how much the service is charging.
  4. It will eventually clear, but in my experience using the USPS for shipping international has never been very fast or reliable. In the future I would consider an alternative. I've had USPS shipments held up for over 2 months in customs before but never more than a few days with other services.
  5. I think it's important to share your past but even if you don't care to, they will likely ask. Also realize, she will probably see copies of the paperwork and you have to disclose this on the application. As an FYI, we had our interview this week, and she was asked about my previous marriage and dates.
  6. We had our interview on October 23 and were approved! It's been a long and tiring week, I'll try to post more info later but as of now the CEAC site already shows issued. Not sure what the status really represents but it's definite progress. Thanks to everyone on VJ who provided information and support to make this possible.
  7. I can see how this could reduce simple RFE's related to missing information or overlooked questions and reduce workload for the agencies involved. Positive news.
  8. A user posted this near the beginning of this thread. I would still call the facility to confirm if they can do it in one day; the office in Beijing told us 3-4 business days also.
  9. I've heard Guangzhou can provide results in a day or so for the medical but you may want to have her call to be sure. I can understand your concern with the timing. She did the medical in Beijing last week and she will be picking up the results next Monday on her way to the airport where we meet and fly together to Guangzhou Monday night. Our interview is next week and hoping we don't have issues receiving the results.
  10. I noticed the DS160 number wasn't on our appointment confirmation. I called the US support number and they were very helpful. Within a few minutes I was able to reprint the appointment confirmation that now has both bar codes.
  11. I could be wrong, but I thought everything was tied together with the passport number. Also make sure the payment matches the confirmation.
  12. I just wanted to make a correction about the P4 and medical. I think you will need a copy of the P4 email AND the interview appointment confirmation when you go to the medical. We noticed this when preparing the paperwork to take to the medical this morning. There was nothing within the P4 that was needed, but the instructions did say to bring a copy of it to the medical appointment.
  13. Not a senior, but we took our chances, payed the DS160 and scheduled the interview once we received the P3. We did schedule the interview almost a month out but I don't think it would have been a problem if the P4 took a while because we could have easily change the appointment. Luckily everything worked out and we received the P4 in about 9 days. At this point we just need to hope Beijing can provide medical results within 10 days.
  14. We were able to schedule the interview after paying the DS-160 fee. There was nothing in the P4 email that was needed for us to schedule the interview or medical. You only need the interview appointment confirmation to get the medical.
  15. nosleep

    Mailing P3 to GUZ

    EMS worked for us as well and we received the P4 email about 9 days after it was delivered. I think this is very good considering the holidays where they did not work during the first week of October.
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