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  1. My guess is something simple like a checking a box or something. I had filled out the 129f over a month or so and at the last minute I transferred all the info to the updated form. I'm actually at the airport now on my way to China and if I needed anything from her it would have been nice to know. Hopefully it will be something simple.
  2. Still waiting for details about RFE. I was told by 2 different people at USCIS it could be faxed to me. I waited on hold for over 1 hour and got disconnected when they attempted to transfer me, then another 2 hours when I called back. They transferred me to a tier 2 person where I was only hold another hour. Finally got through to a tier 2 person (who barely spoke broken English at best) who proceeded to lecture me for nearly 30 minutes explaining why he can't tell me anything. At this point I'll just wait for the hard copy. The inconsistent information and incompetence isn't worth the time trying to call. (Apologies for the rant)
  3. I called late Friday afternoon but the person I spoke to was less than enthusiastic and said there was nothing she could do. She also suggested I call again on Monday so I called again this morning. I spoke to a very nice person who seemed willing to help me out but unfortunately the call disconnected when he put me on hold. I really just want to know if there is anything I need from her since I leave for China again later this week and I'm not sure if I'll receive the hard copy before I go. I'll try calling again this afternoon and post any updates.
  4. Congrats! Good to see your postal letter arrived so quickly. It's strange how things work sometimes
  5. When checking the timelines and NOA2 approvals, the past week appears to have been very slow. Then late yesterday afternoon when I thought the week was over, I received an update about our case. While it's an RFE, we're both still excited just to see progress. I can only guess and wonder what the RFE is about so I'll wait for the postal mail. BTW, I received the update via email, text, and old website; new website still not updated. It's true, things happen when you least expect them to.
  6. I've seen RFEs turn-around in 2 or 3 weeks but you never know. Good luck.
  7. There are two sides of every coin and we have to realize that while many people are getting NOA2 within 2-3 months, there are also many that are still waiting after several months. The fact is, according to the statistics here on VJ, only sixty percent of March filters have NOA2. Keep positive thoughts, it's all we can do
  8. I'm following this post because we will need to get the police certificate soon and I wasn't sure how long it would take. There are a few comments on this thread that i think only people who deal with China would understand. The advice that would have to agree with most: - Misinformation in the Wechat groups is very real and can cause unneeded stress - Navigating bureaucracy is true anywhere - take your fiance's lead - We haven't experienced any need for bribes; in fact most people have been very willing to help - I think a lot of the horror stories are due to misinformation or not not going to the right source Just my opinions based on what I have experienced in the last two years. I realize there scammers all over the world and maybe we've been lucky, but the only real "unethical" event I had was when a man at a florist tried to greatly over charge me for flowers 😆
  9. It's been a slow two days with only one VJ member showing NOA2 since Monday. Hoping the week ends strong for the March group .
  10. In my experience it is sometimes cheaper to buy the one way ticket to the US while in Asia. I had a last minute change in plans last year and was able to buy a last minute one-way ticket from HK to US for less than $600. Of course this is no guarantee, but I consistently see better prices for the same flight/seat/time when purchasing while in Asia.
  11. They received my NOA1 on March 25. I'm beginning to wonder if there will be problems since the time is a bit longer than the March averages. I don't have a lot of confidence in the online updates so I am just watching for postal mail. Maybe this week will be a good week for us.
  12. I just wanted to say I have used vitalchek.com in the past as well and while there is a small fee, they were able to get what I needed in a matter of a few days. It's a company that can be used to gather various US documents if needed. The reason I wanted to post this is because they may ask for a bit of personal information depending on what you need and this may make people uncomfortable, but they are a legit company and I can confirm I had no issues with them.
  13. Sorry, just thought I'd try to help lighten things up here. If that's a picture of your paperwork, did you use "Fedex Freight" service to send that in? lol
  14. I'm doing OK. Getting NOA2 for June doesn't look like it will happen but hopeful for next month. We're using the time right now to sort out some details, gather information, and make tentative plans. It looks like things move quickly after receiving approvals and although the waiting is dreadful, the time will pass faster than it seems. I feel like this is like planning for a big trip or vacation when it's six months out and you think you have all the time in the world to prepare. But the reality is the final weeks prior become chaotic as the time always seems to pass quickly in the end.
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