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  1. Dead8oy

    AP after Interview

    As of 3am Eastern time, 4pm China, the CEAC status finally changed to issued. Interview: 05 December Visa issued: 23 December I’ll update once the passport is delivered.
  2. Dead8oy

    AP after Interview

    An update to our situation. It is now 12/18. We have exchanged multiple enquiries with Guangzhou consulate and their responses are unhelpful bordering on impolite. The consulate still has my wife’s passport and refuses to provide any information. Due to work and other pressures I may be forced to return to the US. Frankly the consulate does not offer any information at all which can allow me to plan, or for our family to be together this Christmas. Do not expect any humanity or empathy. As a final note of information for anyone trying to contact the consulate. The web-form is the only method you can use to reach someone. Their phone number is a local Guangzhou number but is mostly a recorded IVR. Pressing 0 routes you to a switchboard in the Beijing US Embassy, who will transfer you to the USCIS number in Guangzhou (another IVR with a broken non-functional voicemail). If you tell the switchboard that the number is wrong they will tell you to email the consulate - which as we all know is impossible. Good luck fellow VJ’ers. Pray you don’t get stuck in AP long following the interview.
  3. Dead8oy

    AP after Interview

    There were three interviewers: Young Asian (at least part) male with American accent. Middle-aged Asian female who did not converse in English. Middle-aged Indian male with American accent. None of them were what I would call hostile, though the only time anyone cracked a smile was when the young Asian male handed over the approval notice at the very end. My wife has never been a member of the communist party and does not hold any affiliations. The questions all revolved around personal relationship history (we've been married over 2 years and have a very solid relationship background). Perhaps it's all just bad timing/luck on our part. 12/12 and still no change to the status.
  4. Dead8oy

    AP after Interview

    Our petition is an IR-1 and they interviewed my wife for 2 hours before calling me in, unplanned, for a further 2 hours of interview. They didn’t ask for any documentation other than the notarized birth, marriage, and police white books. They kept her passport. Now we are still waiting. The case was updated on December 11, but remains in AP. I hope that your case goes very smoothly. My best wishes for you and your wife.
  5. Dead8oy

    AP after Interview

    Interview 12/05 (total time 4 hours including bringing me in for interview also). Approval was received on 12/05. Case has been in AP since then. Today the date of last update changed to 12/11. We have no idea what is happening right now.
  6. That's fantastic! My wife's interview on the 5th was approved and the status is now AP so we're still waiting for it to change to Issued.
  7. Great news. Please let us know how it goes! My best wishes to you all.
  8. Wonderful. Our interview is December 5th At Guangzhou. Congratulations!
  9. The Guangzhou/China forum isn't too busy here, but I hoped that some folks would be able to provide some insight into how long it took to receive the passport/visa from the consulate following the interview. Still hopeful as it's a metric that is useful to everyone.
  10. I'll caveat this by first of all saying that there is some conflicting information, but I read on the forums that a few people have had trouble if the address is in English or Pinyin and not Hanzi (simplified Chinese). I took a chance and entered the address in Hanzi rather than pinyin. I'll let you know if we get any issues.
  11. I noticed that too and presume that since the phone numbers are all over your casefile, they should be fine. We have an interview briefing with our attorney next week. I'll provide any feedback to the forums.
  12. Dead8oy

    How to reschedule

    Guangzhou responds from that webform within 24 hours from my experience. I asked to move it forwards based on the CGIFederal portal stating that their first available interview date was 11/25, however this was their response:
  13. Yes she will need to take this confirmation printout to the medical, as well as the interview. The premium delivery requires that she pays the EMS delivery person on arrival. Took me a while to figure all this out too.
  14. For Guangzhou they require the beneficiary to register on their portal to confirm contact information and address details. Once NVC has scheduled the interview, you click the registration for NVC scheduled interview. You can register anytime. Information below: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/GUZ-Guangzhou.html https://www.ustraveldocs.com/cn/index.html https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=China
  15. Hi everyone, We have our scheduled interview date from NVC (December 5th 2019) 😁, and when we registered on the CGIFederal portal we requested "Premium Delivery" for return of the passport, rather than collection from CITIC bank (this option can be changed at any time prior to the interview). My wife lives in Shanghai so we will be travelling to Guangzhou together. Question: For those of you who didn't encounter any issues like AP or RFEs during or following the interview process (ever the optimist), which option did you select and how long did it take until the passport was in your hands following the interview? (We are trying to figure out which would be faster.) Thanks everyone. We are so close we can taste it. 🙏
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