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  1. My h1b extension is pending. And there’s not enough time for me to go the premium processing route. I got the info pass appointment but even if I get the AP approved, I still won’t be able to go because of my financial situation.
  2. ah that’s what I thought, thanks. I risk losing my status if I leave the country but at the same time I really need to go and have a mortgage so can’t afford to lose my job
  3. If I go to an Infopass Appointment for an emergency advance parole document, is it also possible to get an EAD? Do local field offices have the authorization to issue EADs?
  4. well give it a week I'd say. Don't worry . These days the processing times have slowed down a bit..
  5. Wow that's crazy.. Didn't know they'd suspend an approval due to RFIE. So weird.
  6. I think the interview schedules kind of depend on the local offices and how busy they are. But I'm not sure about the employment based I-485. I'm adjusting my status from H1B based on marriage to a USC. so I honestly don't know how employment based I-485 works. The only thing I know is that USCIS is anything but predictable . I've tried to estimate my timeline based on others experience but hasn't worked out for me.
  7. The very same day - later in the evening, after my biometrics appointment I got this update - I-485, I-765 : Cases were updated to show that the Fingerprints were taken. No changes since then. Should see another update in the next 20 days I suppose, if everything goes per the schedule
  8. It has been anywhere from 10-20 days based on what I've seen. Some people don't even hear anything in 30 days and suddenly their case gets approved. It's been pretty random so far.
  9. Hi all, Similar question as above, although I know that with USCIS nothing is guaranteed and differs case to case, but still curious. How long will did it take for you guys to get a response after the case status got updated to - Request for Additional Information Received. Thanks for your responses in advance
  10. It'll definitely be faster than Dallas, Texas which is taking anywhere from a year and above to schedule interviews.
  11. There is moment with the cases of November filers. Some even received their interview dates scheduled. Hope we see some movement with our cases too soon. For a terribly impatient person like me, this is quite the challenge to keep still with a process that doesn't follow a steady path
  12. Congratulations on the update and the baby too!!! Hope it happens around July!
  13. Wow that's pretty informative. Thanks for posting it. Out of curiosity, how did you find out about this process?
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