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  1. Hi, i have been asking this question everywhere- My wife has a US Address, she lives and works in USA. Do we have to upload anything to proof US domicile?
  2. Her address is the US in all forms and she lives in USA. Does she has to upload anything to proof US domicile?
  3. Hi, my wife is living the US for quite a while. So, do we need to upload anything to proof US Domicile OR Is it optional?
  4. Hi everyone, 1.Do we have to combine Tax Return 1040 and W2 in one file - when uploading on CEAC? 2. We will upload additional tax returns for 2 more years and W2 - does anybody where do we have to upload that? In optional documents and do they have to be combined?
  5. So should i upload the screenshot of the state dept website and say that its not required. What should i do to tell them that its not required
  6. Did nvc accepted your explanation? I am pretty confused on doing this.
  7. Yes i did live in Pakistan. That is what i am thinking to do. If somebody else has done that if they can help me
  8. Yes that i have that. Yes in canada they dont give birth certificate, they just give a certificate. Thanks a lot btw.
  9. Thankyou so much for your help. I only have one birth certificate. They didnt ask for two birth certificate, they only asked me for one birth certificate that is from Pakistan
  10. Thankyou, Can we attach 1040 instead of tax transcripts?
  11. Hi everyone, We have a joint sponsor- since my wife didnt had any job until 6 months ago. Now for joint sponsor, we only got 1040 , pay stubs and employment letter. Do we have to attach any other documents, such as IRS Transcripts and W2s?
  12. Hi everyone, do i have to upload- birth certificate and family registration certificate in one file? Or one in optional and the other one seperately
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