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  1. WeareReady2go000

    CR1 (DCF) Visa Approved! 03/13/2019

    Hello Ghie! Just wanna let you know that from start to end of my visa journey I have still used my Maiden name and I got no problem . Sure let me mention below all the papers WE EXACTLY PROVIDED when we filed the I-130 in Manila Embassy ( Yours don’t have to be completely the same as ours as you may have different situations) •Filled out form I-130 from Petitioner •Filled out form I-130A from Beneficiary • Two 2x2 Photos beneficiary (write full name behind the photo ) • Two 2x2 Photos Petitioner ( write full name behind the photo ) *Proof of US Citizenship from Petitioner Such as ; it depends on your case •US birth Certificate •US passport Copy ( bio page and all pages with stamps *Proof of petitioner living in the Philippines •Tourist Visa Extensions •All ACR card ( old and new) •House Contract of lease •Philippines driving license •Car registration • SM Advantage Card •Philippines Debit cards from union bank •Bank accounts •Deposit slips •Sky cable account bills on his name *Beneficiary Papers •Copy of Passport bio page •Copy of PSA Birth certificate •Copy of PSA Marriage Certificate •Copy of PSA Advisory on Marriage (one from beneficiary and one from petitioner ) If you wanna get this from PSA just fill out the CENOMAR green form and if you are married instead of CENOMAR this Advisory on Marriage will show up on the record with the information about your marriage *Proof of Bona fide Marriage •Photos glued in a white bond paper with descriptions and dates •Photos of Us together , Our wedding photos with family , and other photos of us from traveling together •Our local exchanging of daily text messages if I go to the city and he’s at home. I just screen shot and export it in Word and print it. •House rental Receipt with both of our names •Water Bill & Electric Bill (with our names as tenants) • House Contract of lease with our names as tenants together with dates and signatures • affidavit of sworn by 2 people we chose the persons who are closed to us and same persons who attend our wedding ( Both sworn papers is notarized by an attorney ) •Last Will & testaments (this is done 5 months earlier ) naming me in the paper •Death certificate of his wife •2go tickets our names on the same travel date •Flight tickets together ( while flying domestically) Good luck! Neneth
  2. I just finished my interview today and got approved! For CR1 Visa , We filed petition in US Manila embassy ( DCF) our case is just —————— 1 month process (from filing petition to Visa Approval) We filed on february 12,2019 and had interview and CR1 Visa approval today March 13,2019 . I am alone in the interview because my husband went back to United States already . If you wanna see the info of when I got the approval letter and Manila Case Number the link is below and you will see it on my other forum about the timeline of my waiting period from filing to receiving petition approval to Manila case number . I didn’t have tax return because my husband pension is very low and we used assets to fulfill the gap . We didn’t used any co-sponsor. Just his pension and the assets of all equivalent of $64,000. Each cases is different they may ask each applicant for different papers . It just all depends. By the way I did my medical examination March11& 12,2019 just two days before my interview quite risky but I know I am healthy /not pregnant and there will be no problem. Thanks https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/699325-we-got-approved-in-13-days-from-filing-i-130/
  3. The petitioner presence is required , because you are the one who has to file the petition for your spouse on DCF ( Direct Consular Filing) , You may take your beneficiary with you to the US embassy . (Note that they let you sign some papers both Petitioner and Beneficiary so better be there together. ) base on our experience
  4. Thanks !, To be honest with you , your case of residency is way far from the couple I was with during the filing of petition (seems to be the petitioner intentionally stayed in the Philippines for 6 months just to do the DCF) that’s why they refuse them . You’re on the positive side . You’ve been staying in the Philippines for almost two years. Showing ACR card would definitely help and even more if you ever had an old ones too (ACR Card) . As you said you’ve renewed yours. I have no idea how the lady behind the window 25 would deal about this , it’s all up to her . She’s quite strict and sarcastic if you did something wrong with your papers (base on my experience) And I guess they just don’t want people applying DCF lol , the time frame for Direct Consular Filing is really fast and insane .
  5. Thanks ! Good LUck too That case number Will come soon , you can maybe try to contact the Immigration office in that country by calling them and see if they can help you get some update About your case number
  6. Regarding to Proof of Domicile ; I made a Proof of domicile letter explaining that i intent to live permanently back in United States explaining that I have attached the ff documents as a proof of domicile : -A proof of domicile letter composed by myself (the petitioner) - US Driving License -Car Registration in the USA - Active Debit/Credit Cards - Active Bank Accounts - My USA Health Insurance etc. AnY document that you may think Will help you prove your domicile in the United States
  7. Hi ! Congrats too! You dont have to pay fees for now while you submit DS-260 online if you did the DCF ( direct consular filing) way . They said on the email that you will just pay the $325 in US embassy manila at the cashier on the interview . Note: this is a CR1 visa fee
  8. Hi there ! , February 12,2019 9:30AM : I-130 petition filed via DCF Manila February 25,2019 : I-130 petition approved (been emailed on February 26,2019 7:00AM February 28, 2019 2:15PM : Case Number received in Email ------ 😉So it came within 3 days ! yeahh but some even got their case number the same time they got their approval letter . Anyways, I'm so happy now and I just want to update you all in this forum ( I'm posting here late because I got so anxious and right away took care of the DS-260 online filling up /printing all the confirmation letter/appointment letter, St Lukes Medical Registration, And the Visa interview that I made for this coming 2nd week of March. I have attached the email that I got with my case number here's how it looks
  9. Hi Jordan , I have not receive my case number yet still anxiously and patiently waiting til now its been only 1 day since i received the approval letter . I don’t know how many days it will take but if I’ll still dont get it after 10 days . I Will call the IV office in US embassy Manila . I Will update it here if ever i Will get My case number . Thanks , Neneth
  10. Hi there! ACR Card known as ( Alien Certificate of Registration ) is from the Philippines . China would probably have a different kind of card for foreigners residing in China ( Which i dont know About ) . As in the Philippines ACR is a credit card-sized identification card issued to all registered aliens who stayed in the Philippines for more than fifty-nine (59) days. Most expats and foreigners living in the Philippines have this (it is not a permanent residence card though) but it shows proof of residence in the Philippines . Note again that you Will be filing in China for DCF and they probably have a different kind of card ,etc . :)
  11. We got approved in 13 days from filing! DCF (Direct Consular Filing) US Embassy Manila, Philippines We finally got an email of approval in our filed I-130 / CR1 !!!😁 Just 13 days from filing! ( Well, I know that some even got approved here within 4-7days in DCF)🤔 On February 12, 2019 we went to Manila US Embassy to file the I-130 , Category - CR1 , petitioner must provide proof of residency in the Philippines (They are quite strict about this , requiring minimum of 6 months residency in the Philippines ,it will help you if you can provide these things with the petitioner's name on it ,Philippines Bank account, Car Registration , Car Insurance , Debit/Credit Cards of some banks in the Philippines , Driving License, contract of Lease or house you own Showing petitioner's name ,Ph Shopping Malls Cards ,internet billings, ACR card, etc. it's up to what you have . As long as you provide as much as you can to show residency in the country or else the woman receiving your petition at window 25 might advise you not to file through DCF if you can't provide enough proof -WHICH NOTE THAT THIS THING DID HAPPENED WHEN WE WERE THERE, There was a couple who wants to file I-130 through DCF Manila US Embassy the same day we filed and we heard the lady talking to them in window 25 that she was advising them not to file because they would definitely will be denied , as what I heard the couple only provide contract of lease of 6 months and ACR Card as proof of residency for the petitioner which is clearly not convincing enough. While we did the Direct Consular Filing in Manila Embassy , We also got approval for expedite processing due to petitioner's health condition( must provide proof , in our case we provided documents from hospital showing diagnosed health problems related ,Note that you can't easily get approval with requesting expedition process without proof. 💛 February 25,2019 they approved our petition but they sent the email Feb.26 at 7AM - I have also attached here the approval letter that we received, ----- ☺️So Excited now and just waiting for our Manila Case Number to schedule the medical and the interview! --Neneth