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  1. I do not need to file with USCIS or NVC...I must go directly to the U.S. Embassy in Manila (per NVC guidance). Since he was on my wife's original immigrant visa petition as her son (DS Form 260) which was approved and issued to my wife by USEM, and he is under the age of 18, I can use the Follow-On To Join benefit provisions. I just don't know what forms and procedures the US Embassy in Manila is using.
  2. I need some help/guidance. My wife received her approved IR/CR-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy in Manila and arrived here in Hawaii in Jan 2021. She has a 17 year old son that she now want to bring here to join her. I contacted NVC and they indicated that since my wife has already been issued a visa from the Embassy in Manila (and now has her 10-year green card), then the follow-on request would need to be sent to the US Embassy in Manila. Does anybody know what forms and/or procedures that need to be followed in requesting a Follow-On To Join from the U.S. Embassy in Manila? I have tried calling and sending the Embassy e-mails, but no response from them. Any help is very much appreciated.
  3. Thank you! After 2 years and 2 months after we got married....she can finally come to be with me.....
  5. Your best bet is to contact them through IVManilaReplies@state.gov....very difficult to call them....and, except for scheduling for an interview.....they are of not much use.
  6. Yep....it turns out that they had put my wife in 221g status....without ever notifying her. Her interviewing CO recommended approval during her interview (7 Dec 2020), but I guess when his boss....another CO reviewed her package on 16 Dec 2020, he put her in 221g status for not having a "police clearance" from Jordan (she was an OFW there for 8 year). On 4 Jan 2021, the Embassy notified me that they required a Jordan Policy Clearance. If you look at the Department of State reciprocity page for Jordan.....police clearance is "unavailable". On 6 Jan 2021, they responded again saying that "they apology for the confusion" but needed a Jordan Certificate of Non-Conviction. My wife went online (using the web site that was listed on the Department of State reciprocity page and was able to order it (the Jordan Ministry of Justice provided it in 3 hours by way of a PDF file to her e-mail)......very fast!. We provided that (with her return passport and 221g letter) to the U.S. Embassy Manila (via 2Go delivery service) last Friday afteroon. They should receive it on Monday. Hopefully they will issue her visa next week.
  7. I will! Please let me know if yours flips too..... If I don't hear something by the end of next week, I will probably contact my Senator to see if they can get some answers/time frame when my case will be completed. I will keep you posted....
  8. I think we should be seeing our cases flip to "Issued" in the next couple of weeks.....(I hope!).
  9. Wow! Your interview was 4 Nov? Thats a long time to wait!! Your case stayed in "Refused" from the date of your interview until 28 Dec?
  10. Very interesting! I was not aware of this change. I understand the logic to change from "Administrative Processing" because of 221g issues....but using the term "Refused" is almost the same as "Denied"....it gives the impression to the applicant that the Embassy needs something to process the visa or something happened during the interview where the CO "refuses" the applicant's visa.....which, in my case, and the case of many others...is not accurate. If the CO indicates that he/she will be "recommending approval"....which is what was told to my wife....then they should use better term ("pending processing"??)...... Thanks for sending to me.....now I know why my status is "Refused".....even though, in reality, its not.
  11. Yes....that is what I am finding....they (USEM) went from "Administrative Processing" to "Refused" just in the last 12 - 18 months....not sure why (COVID-19 pandemic???). The only positive is that they are updating my case (they looked at it yesterday, but its still sitting on "Refused". Hopefully it will flip to "Issued" soon. Thanks for your research!! Regards.
  12. If your wife goes to the visa interview without 2019 tax transcripts, she will get 221g letter from them and her visa will be put on "hold" until they receive that transcript. As soon as your 2019 tax return is processed, you will be able to download your 2019 tax return transcript from their (IRS) website...then submit that to the Embassy. See if you can get some help from and IRS Tax Advocate....I did that and they helped me a lot.
  13. Ok folks.....update on my case....yesterday, my wife's visa CEAC status changed from "Read" to "Refused"....I was expecting it to go to "Issued". I really don't understand what the U.S. Embassy in Manila is doing. On 16 Dec, case went from "Refused" to "Ready:"(10 days after my wife's interview on 7 Dec), then from "Ready" back to "Refused" yesterday. Ugggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!!
  14. Many thanks! I have heard the same thing from other members here....once it goes to Ready, it normally doesn't take long to go to Issued....not sure why my wife's case if different. I tried calling the Embassy....but they were not much help.
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