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  1. I read somewhere that NVC is mandated by the Immigration & Naturalization Act of 1990 (INA Act) that every year, all numerically limited category Immigrant visas should be completed fulfilled if there are enough cases waiting at NVC with DQ. The year ends Sept 30 every year. So for next 2 months expect NVC to maximise numerically limited category visas like F2B/EB2, etc to get priority in interview slots over immediate family slots. If i remember correctly, 140,000 numerically limited visas are given every year all over the world, they need to ensure that all 140,000 are given out between Oct 1 to Sep 30. So last quarter - July to Sep will be busy time for these types of visas.
  2. Under normal circumstances, If fees were paid before arrival, gc will arrive within 3-4 weeks of arrival date. if fees were paid after arrival in US, gc will take 4-5 weeks after paying fees. But in both situations, it can also take upto 120 days for some cases.
  3. When did you enter the US, time is counted from that day, not when you paid for it if you paid before entering US.
  4. Nowadays, cases are transferred electronically. By Tuesday morning, you should see ready status on CEAC. After you see ready status, Email the London embassy for your date and finish the medical in the meantime.
  5. You will get a email response within 7 days after nvc email acknowledges receipt of your expedite request. It will either be expedite approved or not. Very clear message. If approved, case status will change to "in transit" and then "Ready". Very straightforward. I would also like to point out that expedite is not a guarantee that you will get early interview. Right now in Abu Dhabi, there are two expedite cases waiting for interview, one got interview date for August, other has been waiting for two weeks without any response from embassy after expedite.
  6. Mumbai is definitely having a backlog for interviews, mid-march CCs got interview dates in May for June. So mid-may guys might get interview letters only next month for August interview. Wishing everyone gets it asap, good luck!
  7. Varicella, TDAP & MMR vaccinations. If you have had chicken pox previously, you can skip Varicella vaccine. If you have had measles previously, your doctor might let you skip the MMR.
  8. Every category is treated equally, on any given day, there will be all types of interviews set for EB, family, spouse.
  9. After paying fees and POE formalities are done, Does USCIS notify by email when they are actually mailing out the green card so that we can keep a lookout for the usps or do we have to call uscis to get the tracking number.
  10. Congratulations Nyokie, very happy for you. Just make sure to take as much documents as possible. Good luck to you.
  11. It depends on what type of 221g it is. If it's not related to background/security check, it can be resolved pretty quickly like a month after submission. One member here got 221g in Mumbai last month and she got approved after submitting documents in less than 2 weeks. Good luck to you.
  12. Equador Can everyone who gets IL please also post your embassy/consulate name.
  13. Interview wait time in Juarez is currently at 8-9 months after CC.
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