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  1. Anyone heard about this, more green cards in all EB categories because of unused family green cards from FY 2020: https://eb5updates.com/2020/09/25/october-2020-visa-bulletin-261500-eb-green-cards-for-fy-2021/
  2. Trump had a press conference today. All green cards stopped for 60 days. Executive order will be released tomorrow with specific details.
  3. looks like this page agrees with what you wrote, two original proofs of ID required: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/050515/steps-replace-or-update-your-social-security-id.asp
  4. Anyone who got an interview date and subsequently got cancelled: whenever this virus issue subsides, how are interviews re-scheduled again. My brother logged into his ceac and the case status shows: "At Mumbai", so obviously file has left NVC and is with consulate now. will the embassy/consulate reschedule the interviews automatically or do we have to email them first.
  5. My extended family had interview scheduled for April 2nd in Mumbai for IV interview - I5 Visa, but now due to the cancellations, we don't know when they will restart and how they will reschedule the dates. Does anyone if the consulates will automatically start reissuing the dates, because the files are not with NVC anymore, the case is at the consulate as per CEAC, so the its upto the consulate now to reschedule the dates.
  6. U.S. Mission India posts, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, are cancelling immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments from March 16, 2020, onward. Your visa appointment stands as cancelled. Once Mission India resumes regular consular operations, appointments will be made available and you will be able to reschedule. Please see www.ustraveldocs.com/in and in.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/ for further information. https://in.usembassy.gov/alert-cancelling-of-immigrant-and-nonimmigrant-visa-appointments/
  7. All interviews in India cancelled till further notice from March 16 2020: https://in.usembassy.gov/alert-cancelling-of-immigrant-and-nonimmigrant-visa-appointments/
  8. Does anyone know if we can get fingerprints done in Mumbai consulate on the same day of interview, applicant will be traveling from a different city to attend the interview.
  9. my cousin is waiting for their interview in mumbai, anyone in the same boat? did anyone receive interview date for March 2020 yet.
  10. Relative has PCC from Chicago Indian consulate issued last year in Feb 2019 and she might get mumbai interview date in a few months after mar 2019. She still lives in USA, but has visited India last summer for vacation and went back. Will she need a new PCC even though she doesn't live in India. The language on State.gov website is confusing, please see red highlighted below from state.gove website, I am thinking, not returned means, not returned permanently. Anyone who went throught the same situation, please reply? Important: Police certificates expire after one year, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued. If at the time of your interview the following three items are all true, you must bring a new police certificate to your visa interview: You are more than 16 years old; The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and You still live in the country that issued the certificate.
  11. You can email AD embassy on "AbuDhabiIV@state.gov" and request for appointment mentioning your case details and expedite approval.
  12. My appointment was in Abu Dhabi. So i was able to contact the embassy in Abu Dhabi directly via email and they responded with date. I heard in India, it's not easy even for expedite cases. See if you can find out the email address for mumbai consulate and email them directly with your case details.
  13. Wow that's pretty quick, thanks for the reply. Will update this thread when we get the cards so others can have some reference.
  14. So we landed in US last month, paid the green card fees 2 months ago. Yesterday received Email that our OS155A have been approved. Online status shows "cards are being printed". How soon after can we expect the actual green card in mail. Will we get a tracking number when they mail it (I have an egov account, that's where I got the email notification from). My address doesn't have informed delivery, so I can't track using that.
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