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  1. But we are still in normal processing time. Do not worry that soon we will know something, without the need for the congressmen to help us, we have slate dates only have faith.
  2. We use the direct chat from the USCIS website. We ask Emma (direct chat) we follow the steps and transfer to an online agent
  3. I am also from RD. I wrote to USCIS and they told me they only see a change that happened in my case on March 7. We changed the address but it was April 6. I wonder if it would be the criminal record? but it would be very fast taking into account that on February 25 was that they received my case
  4. Do not worry! You can send the passport stamps when they were visited, if they have boarding passes, some resent of the card of the petitioner in the country of the beneficiary, reservations of flights with more photos, some send affidavit of friends. There is always a light on the road. Cheer up and good luck!
  5. I get it! that gives me peace of mind, we include boarding passes, flight reservations and copies of both passports where they can find stamps, but we need to check a box that we do not need a Waiver. It only remains to wait with faith and everything will be fine.
  6. Congratulations!!! Why were you sure you would have to send evidence?
  7. In the instructions, it says that if the beneficiary has been in the United States to attach I94, but in the form it says that if the beneficiary is currently in the US, he will attach it. So it's kind of confusing, I did not include it and shortly after I sent an amendment letter to do. For what I recommend sending, better than over and not missing.
  8. Really this process is mysterious hehehe. But God always in control!
  9. I thought that when I saw that I no longer wrote in the forums. I said: At any time they will surprise you in the mailbox and we will see you again. How did you discover it?
  10. Woooooowww I am very happy for you. I always had it pending. God is faithful!
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