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  1. Under K1 and K2 visa. you need to take the photo and the print to make the expedite. Then it can be done because that is the photo they use and they need to know that the background is clean.
  2. Hello again! I want to tell you my experience so far and my times. My PD: December 04 footprints: December 30 I requested an expedite for my work permit on January 6 and yesterday it was approved along with the travel permit. Today it was updated that my case is ready for interview. We keep moving forward with faith and wishing we all can have a smooth journey.
  3. Hello again! I received the messages with my case number at dawn today, my priority date is December 4 on the same day that USPS reported that they received. I am applying with my 2 daughters (k2)
  4. Hi!! I just sent my package last 2 of this month, and today they received it. Now wait for NOA1. I am applying with my two daughters (k2)
  5. Hola! tengo entrevista para este mes a finales, tambien esta igual que tu. Pero siento que estare mas confiada y segura si mi novio me acompaña, su apoyo ese dia será importante y tambien creo que para los oficiales su presencia significará algo. En cuanto a los documentos para nuestro pais no es necesario la Affidavit, solo el va a traer su carta de trabajo, banco y los w2, aunque tampoco lo piden.
  6. Thank you!! But I was just clarifying to Mr. Sarge2155 what he was talking about, since he indicated that he had no idea what I was talking about. So I was not looking for more clarifications for me. But anyway, I will be very aware of whether the CO asks for you. hehehehe
  7. I mean even a post I made here yesterday, where I explained that NVC sent me the letter with my misspelled name and the married name I used previously. Greenbaum told me not to worry, but explained that it concerns me because in my country you need that letter for the analysis and I don't want the results to be named that way
  8. 177/5000 I worry because in my country there is that letter for the analyzes. I would not like the results to come out with that married last name that does not apply to me after my divorce.
  9. I just received the letter from NVC to the email. But my name has a typo. Call NVC and they tell me they can't do anything anymore, but I call the embassy and they say they don't have access to that. What can I do now?
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