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  1. Congratulations!!! 🎉 when will be your interview? Good luck 🍀
  2. Sorry to hear that! I had a similar situation- on the interview we found out that my medical wasn’t done properly in my country. So 3 weeks and 800$ later (for new medical) I’m stills waiting. But hey! It’s the last step to go- I’m sure there is still many people who didn’t have their interview scheduled so I feel pretty lucky anyway! Last tiny step and we’ll get our GC’s very soon! Cheer up! ☺️
  3. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! When is your interview?
  4. Maybe I’m annoying but I would try again and if a different person pick up - to ask again. I know how important it is to be reunited as soon as possible 💖 good luck guys! I hope you’ll be able to reach the doctors office and they will be able to help you! 🤞🏻
  5. I would suggest to call the lab (which you have to go to before the doctor). As I said- my results were there for me on the same day. And I could have the doctors appointment without waiting.
  6. You’re right. I’m living very close to New York so I’m not sure how is out with other people in this area. I hope you’ll get your invitation soon! Did you get the EAD already?
  7. @xxlian I had both of them on the same day. In the very early morning I went to the lab for x-ray and blood for this one specific disease, from what I remember it wasn’t a long wait. And the same day at 2 pm I had a visit to the doctor for medical. So again- I would just call the lab and double check how long your fiancé would have to wait for results in the lab. I remember that I had to wait a little just after the medical at the doctor but the lab gave me everything the same day ( in Warsaw). important note: my lab visit in Warsaw was in August 2020 and I didn’t need appointment for that- they told me over the phone it’s a walk in In any case feel free to dm me if you have questions.
  8. I’m not sure about others but I had two appointments: one for X-ray and some weird disease check (one place)- the results were given to me the same day. Then I had a doctors visit and that’s when the doctor is making all the important stuff. After he will have all results, they send it directly to the embassy (you get a copy of medical). I remember that when I was scheduling my doctors appointment they advised me how long to wait till the embassy interview- your fiancé might call to ask them as with pandemic it might change frequently. I think it would be the safest option.
  9. @kkmk You’re right! I misread previous one. I thought that Rami91 got status ‘interview scheduled’ The interview is around one month after receiving the letter with invitation. with my case: April 8, 2021 ready to schedule interview June 9, 2021 Interview Was Scheduled June 14, 2021 letter received July 15, 2021 the interview my last answer: interview is within around a month after receiving a letter. I’m sorry for confusion! however, I hope your interviews will be scheduled very soon ❤️
  10. Usually it’s around a month after you’ll receive the letter so probably around 20th
  11. My fingers crossed! You’ve been waiting for a really long time!
  12. Hi guys! How are you all doing? Did the embassy start to process visas? Did anything change with your situation? good luck!
  13. Did anything change with your situation guys? I recently got my EAD and I want to make an appointment but not sure if for permit or knowledge test. The soonest knowledge test spots are for July! 😱 that’s such a long wait! I’ll really appreciate if you can share any info ❤️
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