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  1. Wow I praise God on ur behalf. The lord is wonderful. The God that made urs possible will do ours too in Jesus mighty name. We too will give this testimony very soon in Jesus name. I am honestly so happy for you!!!
  2. No we were never married before. Thank you for your words of encouragement.
  3. We even used a lawyer just so we won't run into issues. It's like waste of money honestly. This process is do heartbreaking seriously!
  4. Married that's y he was denied and told to file for an immigrant visa.
  5. I invited him in 2017 but he was denied a visiting visa then because we were already married.
  6. I never knew the embassy can do that. I always heard once told that the visa is approved at the interview that's the final verdict. He said he cannot do anything but wait
  7. The situation is very unfortunate and heartbreaking. His ticket is non-refundable. When you saw it happen how was it resolved?
  8. I just wished we knew what they needed. The funny thing is we used a lawyer for our processing just so we won't run into any issues. After he was told his visa is approved he bought a ticket 😟. This is just so frustrating!!!
  9. My husband had the CR1 spousal visa interview in Jan 2019 and was told congratulations and welcome to the US here are the forms to register to pick up you visa and to pay your immigration fee form. 5 days later we get an email from the embassy saying that they did a final review of our case and had to be put into administrative processing and my husband should pick up his passport (which he did with no visa inside 😔). They didn't ask for any additional information. We are so worried because we have no clue what's going on. We have sent several emails with no response. This has been the most painful experience ever. Even our lawyer has no clue what's going on. Pls help!!!